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ZSL Animal Conservation: Milo the Monkey SnooziHedz

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You’ve all been introduced to the adorable Animal SnooziHedz, and should know by now that for every SnooziHedz sold,  50 pence will be donated to a relevant charitable cause.

So this is how the  Milo the Monkey SnooziHedz will be doing his part :o) Milo sales will help fundraise for new equipment for the Francois Langurs monkeys at  ZSL London Zoo.

SnooziHedz Monkey

Zoo Keeper’s Wish List

1)      New climbing frames and sunbathing platforms for the monkeys £2000

2)      Plants to grow in the exhibit that the monkeys can snack on £1000

3)      Lots of strong rope to build swings for the monkeys £1000

4)      Scales so that the monkeys can be weighed in their enclosure £5000

5)      A water feature with a waterfall for the monkey’s enrichment £1000

6)      Special toys for monkeys to encourage their wild behaviours £1000

About the monkeys!

Francois Langurs are beautiful leaf eating monkeys in the wild they live in southern China and northern Vietnam.  In the last 30 years 95% of the wild population has disappeared with habitat loss and hunting being the main causes.  They are now critically endangered with the numbers in the wild continuing to drop.  A healthy captive population is essential to safeguard their survival.  ZSL London zoo has been very successful with breeding and is very proud of our newest youngster Mei.

A Francois Langur baby is born bright orange which is in stark contrast to its parents who are completely black with white cheeks.  As the infant grows it will slowly change colour from orange to black.  Being orange is very special for François langurs and the adults are very careful and protective of their orange infants.

At ZSL London zoo our troop of Francois Langurs are given a healthy diet of leafy green vegetables.   They also get natural leaves to eat which the zoo keepers call browse.  Langurs really like eating newly grown leaves so we provide them with plants in their enclosure that they can eat the freshest leaves from.

Francois Langurs are great climbers and have agile bodies for life in the tree tops and limestone cliffs where they like to rest.    In their enclosure they have high platforms to rest on and bask in the sun, along with ropes and natural climbing frames to match their natural speed and agility.


So quit the monkeying around… get your Milo Monkey SnooziHedz today & make a difference to the little lives of the Francois Langurs :o)

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