You've all been introduced to the adorable Animal SnooziHedz, and should know by now that for every SnooziHedz sold,a minimum of 30 pence will be donated to a relevant charitable cause. Money raised from the sales of Milo the Monkey, Leeroy the Lion and Dudley the Dinosaur are donated to ZSL London Zoo.


Fracois Langur are beautiful leaf eating monkeys in the wild they live in southern China and northern Vietnam. In the last 30 years 95% of the wild population has disappeared with habitats loss and hunting being the main causes. They are now critically endagered with the numbers in the wild continuing to drop. A healthy captive population is essential to safeguard their survival. ZSL London Zoo has been very successful with breeding and is very proud of our newest youngster Mei.

A Francois Langur baby is born bright orange which is in stark contrast to its parents who are completely black with white cheeks.  As the infant grows it will slowly change colour from orange to black.  Being orange is very special for François langurs and the adults are very careful and protective of their orange infants.


Since Dudley is a dinosaur, and dinosaurs are now extinct (sob!), we’ve decided that Dudley will sponsor the next best thing to a dinosaur- a Komodo Dragon! The Komodo dragon is the largest lizard on earth and in many respects a living dinosaur.  This phenomenal reptile grows to almost 80kg in weight and 10ft in length.  Once a creature of myths and legends, early sailors to remote Indonesia brought back stories of ferocious man-eating land crocodiles.  It wasn’t discovered until 1912 and yet a decade on, it still remains somewhat of a mystery to science. Today, a mere 3-4,000 dragons survive on four islands, split into small and vulnerable sub-populations by man.

The money raised for Komodo Dragons will go towards a new study that allows keepers to create a diary for the dragons of their temperature, movement, and diet to make sure their conditions at the zoo, are as close as possible to their conditions in the wild. This will help the zoos to breed the Dragons and keep the species thriving for 1000's more years.


Lions are very expensive animals to look after, they have quite an appetite and with their razor sharp claws and teeth, they get through toys very quickly! Every year London zoo use up to 220 meters of thick natural fibre rope to make lion pull toys and balls. Lions use their keen sense of smell to hunt and communicate with very sensitive noses they have a natural interest in all scents.  So their keepers provide a range of scents for the lions to encourage scent marking behaviours some scents make the lions really playful like lavender.

So far the money raised has bought scales to weigh the lions. As you can imagine, weighing a Lion isn’t easy, they’re really heavy and don’t always cooperate! To accurately weigh them, the zoo keepers had to build a large wooden plate on top of the scales which connects to a battery outside the enclosure that shows the weight. The lions can be lured onto the platform using meat.