How we make your Trunki

After you've designed your own bespoke Trunki and the payment has been processed, your creation is sent to our UK based Trunki workshop.

Here, one of the Trunki elves will receive your order, and they'll carefully select each and every part from the horns to hubcaps. It's then lovingly built by hand and quality checked by our Head Elf. Once it's ready to go, we'll print your Trunki Birth Certificate (which is signed and dated by your Trunki maker) and it'll start the next stage of it's journey.

It'll be transported from the workshop straight to you, safely protected in it's Trunki kennel. When it arrives, it'll probably be a little bit stiff from the long journey, so make sure you take it for a spin, just to warm it up a little bit.

Your Made for Me Trunki is then ready to escort you on all your future adventures, whether it's a sleepover at Gran's or a round the world trip.