Made by me inspiration gallery

With a billion colour combinations to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start! That’s why we’ve chosen some of our favourite designs, from fairy princesses to football legends, to give you a little inspiration - just click on the image to begin customising the design!

  • Classic Bat Trunki

    Classic Bat Trunki

  • Spider Trunki

    Spider Trunki

  • Super Trunki

    Super Trunki

  • Caterpillar


  • BIG Cat

    BIG Cat

  • Double Horned Rhino

    Double Horned Rhino

  • Buzz LightTrunki

    Buzz LightTrunki

  • Planet Earth

    Planet Earth

  • Asto 0 Trunki

    Asto 0 Trunki

  • Minion Trunki

    Minion Trunki

  • Cup Cake

    Cup Cake

  • Pop Art

    Pop Art

  • Mondrian


  • Morph's Trunki

    Morph's Trunki

  • Trunki Tank Engine

    Trunki Tank Engine

  • Digger


  • Pink Cadillac

    Pink Cadillac

  • F1 Racing Trunki

    F1 Racing Trunki

  • Pirate Trunki

    Pirate Trunki

  • Jaws


  • Nessy


  • Mermaid


  • The Reds

    The Reds

  • Catalan Trunki

    Catalan Trunki

  • Footie


  • Pumpkin


  • Witches cat

    Witches cat

  • Witch & Broom

    Witch & Broom

  • Santa Trunki

    Santa Trunki

  • Hulkey Trunki

    Hulkey Trunki

  • Ba Ba the Sheep

    Ba Ba the Sheep

  • The Blues

    The Blues

  • Canaries Trunki

    Canaries Trunki

  • Livertrunki


  • A.C Trunki

    A.C Trunki

  • Inter Trunki

    Inter Trunki

  • Magpies Trunki

    Magpies Trunki

  • Glovers Trunki

    Glovers Trunki

  • Hurbie


  • Ms Piggie

    Ms Piggie

  • Off to Space Trunki

    Off to Space Trunki

  • Zimba White

    Zimba White