Made in the UK

We're really proud to be making our much-loved ride-on suitcases in the UK.

In 2012, a two year long project to bring Trunki home came to fruition when the first UK made ride-on suitcase (aptly, - a London 2012 Olympics Trunki!) sprinted off the production line! Read more.

We set ourselves a goal to make our ride-on suitcase entirely out of plastic. This way, when a Trunki reaches the end of its life, after many years of happy travels it can be taken back to our factory, melted down and reborn as a brand new Trunki. Using this holistic approach was inspired by "Cradle to Cradle" design and we believe the key to successful manufacture is to be considerate of life and future generations.

For this to happen The Trunki design team had to re-engineer the entire product to eliminate all 25 metal parts (mainly screws, hinges and pins) from the Chinese version and cleverly design it to simply "snap fit" together. This meant Trunki would remain strong and durable whilst ensuring a quicker, more efficient assembly line. The design was so innovative we won Consumer Product Design of the Year at the 2012 Plastic Industry Awards.The result was an incredibly environmentally friendly product that was cost effective to make in the UK. We are really chuffed that not only did we massively reduce our carbon footprint, we were also able to generate a great number of jobs for the British manufacturing market over at our factory, Magma Moulding.

Our UK design is the 5th evolution of our iconic product and is known internally as Trunki MK5. As with all versions of Trunki, the MK5 is made using a process called injection moulding but with the added bonus that the MK5 is 100% made of plastic (98% polypropylene, 1% thermo plastic elastomer and 0.2% Acetal), including really clever patented plastic clips that are easier for children to use. The soft rubber rim that protect little fingers when the case is closed is not glued in, instead it uses a process called over moulding, just like you find on most toothbrush handles.