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Help other Trunki lovers by writing a review about a recent purchase. Why take our word for it when there is no one better to advise others than you, someone who has used the product!


Types Of Trunki Review

Trunki Products Reviews

We try and collect as many Trunki reviews as possible for our products and we read every single one of them. That way we can make sure our Trunki products are of the highest quality. So if you purchase a product from our site please place a review so that others can see how great they are!

Trunki Service Reviews

We are very proud of the service we offer to our customers, but don't just take it from us... We have hundreds of reviews for our service and are always looking for more. That way we can keep improving our service meaning you can come to our site and shop with confidence. So if you purchase from our site please review our service too.



Independently Collected

We understand that reviews are an important part of the decision making process; that's why at Trunki we work with an external review service, collecting reviews independently to give you full confidence in every review you read.


We post every review (good or bad) to our site. This is because we want our customers to have every thing they need when deciding what Trunki is best for them.
The only exception to this is content of an abusive nature.


Top Tips For A Perfect Review

Review the product features

What did you like about the product? What were the best features?

Was there anything you didn't like about the product? What were the worst features?

Talk about the reasons you wanted the product

Make sure you keep it relevant to the products.

Talk about when you used it.

Talk about where you were when you used it.

Make sure you don't swear or add personal data.


Reviews FAQs

 Trunki Reviews - What Should I Write?

 Think about what you would want to know about the product when reading Trunki reviews. What does it do well? What could be better? You could also back up your Trunki review with an example of how you've used it.

How long will I have to wait to see my review published?

As long as you submit a review which is appropriate & meets our criteria, it should be published & live on our site within 1 day of you submitting your entry.

How long does it take to write a review?

 It really doesn't take long at all to write a Trunki review. It could take you as little as a minute! It just depends how long the review takes to write.

Will my review be published even if I give the product a 1 star review?

 Absolutely, we want our customers to see what others really think of us and our products. As long as it follows our criteria we will post the review!

Who will be able to see my review?

 Anyone who enters our website and visits the appropriate product page will be able to read your review. We also feature some ratings and reviews in other promotional activity, so keep an eye out as we may be quoting you!