Five Essentials For Family Travel!

If we’re honest, travelling with the family can be a near-nightmare experience! Whether it’s crying in the airport, a sleepless child keeping you up, or not having enough hands to carry all the stuff you need, there’s lots of things that can be stressful. To take the stress down a notch or two (or three!) we’ve made a list of essentials to help you out!

 Neck Pillow

Holidays are exciting, especially for the little ones! But sometimes the excitement can be a bit too much and keep them awake when they shouldn’t be! Unfortunately for Mums and Dads, when the kids can’t sleep, one of you can’t sleep either! Packing some neck pillows is a great way to make sure that the whole family get some decent shut eye and is particularly useful for long journeys. Check out some Trunki neck pillows for the kids here, if you like!

A throw/sheet

You might think we’ve gone loopy with this suggestion but we’re being quite serious! A throw is a shape-shifting tool that should be on your essentials list. It can made into a baby/toddler carrier (don’t worry there are countless hero mums on YouTube that can show you how easy it is) and it also doubles up as a picnic/beach blanket for day trips! This saves space in your bag and is useful: you’ll never know the wonders until you give it a go, so try it!

Phone or tablet

Like it or not, your little ones probably love screens! You might not want them to spend too much of their holiday on a phone or tablet, but they are a great way for you to get some much-needed downtime. Whether you’re travelling and need to get some rest, or you’ve got to leave your room in 15 minutes and need to pack, tablets can give you the rest bite from a very excited little traveller!

A bottle

Getting stuck somewhere without a drink is a real holiday nightmare! It’s essential to keep your little explorers hydrated, but continually buying water from the shop is a waste of money and plastic. Buying a refillable bottle is a great way to sort this one out! Not only will you save some pennies for souvenirs and holiday treats, you’ll have more freedom to explore your destination without relying on a shop!

A Trunki

We might be a bit bias, but a Trunki should be your number one essential for family travel! The ride-on design will keep your little ones entertained when you’re waiting at the station or airport – as long as you’re willing to pull them along with the tow strap! There’s plenty of room for everything they’ll need on holiday, plus their funky look definitely delivers the holiday vibes! A Trunki ticks all the boxes, and more! Sounds good? Take a look for yourself!

Everyone looks forward to their holidays, but we know that travelling with a family can be stressful. Little ones are an absolute blessing, but they can also be a tiny bit of a curse for a stress-free journey, but with the long journeys and waiting times who can blame them! Hopefully our list of essentials will make the whole experience a far more relaxing one for the whole family!

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