5 Year Guarantee

All Trunki suitcases come with a 5 year guarantee effective from the date of purchase. You no longer need to register your purchase, just keep hold of your receipt.

With effect from 14/2/2020 in order to be able to claim under the Trunki 5 Year Guarantee, all you need to do is contact the retailer and provide proof of purchase by way of a retailers’ receipt. You no longer need to register for a guarantee, just keep hold of your receipt.

We will always try to repair your Trunki in the first instance; replacements will be provided if this is not successful or possible. All Trunki replacements are provided on a like-for-like basis unless your Trunki product has been discontinued, in which case you will be offered the most similar replacement. Repairs or replacement parts for your Trunki will always be with identical replacement parts unless the Trunki has been discontinued, in which case the closest match in colour will be used.

Any claim under the guarantee should always be referred to the original retailer in the first instance.

Should you require any further assistance, the distributing company for that region (e.g. Trunki head office in the UK) will be happy to help. A list of contacts by region can be found here.

If you experience any difficulties or have any questions, please contact hello@trunki.com

You may be required to take reasonable steps to confirm that your Trunki is faulty, including requesting video/photographic evidence of the damage/fault or to send your Trunki to us. If you send us your Trunki, you will be responsible for it until we receive it at our office (including any posting, packing and insurance costs). Full details are on the contact page.

Please note that the following caveats apply:

A purchase receipt that clearly states the item purchased and retailer MUST be provided to claim under the guarantee. Bank statements are not acceptable.

The guarantee is only valid for Trunki approved retailers and authorised distributors (please note that some Marketplace sellers may not be authorised retailers). If you have concerns regarding the validity of your purchase, please contact hello@trunki.co.uk

Alternative designs will only be offered if the original Trunki design purchased is no longer available or discontinued. Like for like replacements are as standard under the guarantee.

This guarantee is non-transferable. If you have purchased a Trunki second hand, you cannot claim under the guarantee.

The guarantee only applies to the country of purchase.

The guarantee applies to Trunki suitcases only. Other Trunki products are not included.

Please note that costs for shipping of replacements and spare parts to certain regions may be chargeable.

Any claims made under the now discontinued guarantee registration system will remain valid for the period of 5 years from date of registration. Please contact hello@trunki.com if you require further information.


Exclusions under the guarantee include, but are not limited to:

  • damage due to neglect or wear and tear (including scratches, stains or abrasive fluids such as cleaning fluids and sun cream) where this is not the result of defects in materials or workmanship (please note that sun cream contains active ingredients that can stain or smudge on items containing colourants such as clothes and upholstery – sun cream may cause damage to Trunki paintwork)
  • accidental damage (e.g. misuse/overloading/dropping the Trunki);
  • inappropriate storage (e.g. if the Trunki has been stored in an aircraft hold or exposed to high temperatures);
  • damage caused by modifications/alterations to the trunki
  • not following instructions for repairing it;
  • straps or other removable parts are lost or damaged where this is not the result of defects in materials or workmanship; or
  • situations in which we have reason to think your claim is dishonest or fraudulent.

In such cases, any claim under the guarantee will likely be refused.

If you have any questions regarding the guarantee, retailers or distributors, or if you are unsure of the guarantee terms for your region, our Customer Service team are always happy to help and advise; please contact hello@trunki.co.uk

This does not affect your statutory rights.