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Frequently Asked Questions


What size is a Trunki?

Is Trunki suitable for hand luggage?

Where's the horn for Una the Unicorn?

What happens if part of my Trunki is broken or lost?

I've lost my strap, can I get a replacement?

How do I get the 5 year guarantee?

How much does Trunki weigh?

How durable is Trunki?

How safe is Trunki?

What ages is Trunki suitable for?

How safe is BoostaPak?

Can BoostApak be used as hand luggage?

What age group is BoostApak suitable for?

Won't everything inside the BoostApak get squashed when sat on?

Can I use BoostApak outside the EU?

What length are PaddlePak straps?

How water resistant is PaddlePak?

How much can I fit in a PaddlePak?

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

Why do you no longer ship to the Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands?

How long does delivery take?

Can I return my order?

What has happened to Made for Me Trunkis?

Can I get a spare part or replacement for a Melissa & Doug Trunki?

How can I contact you about a collaboration or brand partnership?

How do I get replacement spares for my Trunki Scooter or Bike?

My Trunki Scooter or Bike is faulty, What can I do?

I've only received part of my order.

Where can I find the Trunki Activity Packs?