Learn to Ride with Trunki

Trunki Folding Scooters and Balance Bikes!

In collaboration with Halfords we’re proud to present the Trunki Folding Scooters and Balance Bikes!

Our balance bikes and scooters are an exciting addition to your children’s play time, and thanks to unique folding features, you won’t have to worry about awkwardly carrying around their toys again.

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Ride Range

Folding Balance Bikes

balance bikes

Our range of balance bikes are lightweight, with a unique folding mechanism and carry-tow strap – meaning when your little ones have had enough, you’re able to pick up their bike and keep moving.

As with all our innovative products, these bikes are built to last, featuring unique twist bars which rotate for carrying, packing and storage. The tow strap allows you to pull your child along if they need extra assistance, and a carry strap allows you to hang the Trunki Bike from prams or over your shoulder. Perfect for active families who are always on the go.

The grip and saddle are designed with safety and comfort in mind, and it comes with a handy bag to keep your boot or home clean.Bikes Carry Buggy Boot

Packed full of great features

Balance Bike Features

  1. Durable Construction - light weight, aluminium frame & puncture proof tyres.
  2. Unique Twist Bars - rotate flat for carrying, transporting & storing.
  3. Unique folding rear wheel - making it compact for carrying, transporting & storing. 
  4. Quick release seat post - allows for quick saddle adjustment as your child grows.
  5. Grips and Saddle - designed for little ones, to help with comfort & confidence.


Folding Scooters

Folding Scooter

Just like our Folding Balance Bikes, the Trunki Folding Scooter also features innovative additions to make family outings easy!

Simple to pack away, the push-to-fold bar makes storing and carrying our new scooters simple. An extra-wide rear wheel and brake allows your little ones to stop and control the scooter with confidence, giving you peace of mind that they’ll be safe on the go.

The adjustable handlebar makes our scooters useable for a range of ages and heights, and the steering lock limits significant steering changes to help your child learn to balance when the first start riding.Scooters Carry Buggy Boot

Packed full of great features

Scooters Features

  1. Durable Construction - light weight, durable frame with large, sturdy wheels. 
  2. Unique Simple, Push to Fold Bar - easy to pack away for travelling or carry over your shoulder to & from school. 
  3. Child Safe Folding Mechanism  - twin buttons to ensure safe, adult operation.  
  4. Simple to control - lean to steer, teaches balance and coordination. 
  5. Steering lock - lean to steer, teaches balance and coordination. 
  6. Height adjustable handlebar - four positions to accommodate children as they grow. 
  7. Tow and carry strap - can be transported easily, hung on pushchairs or over shoulder. Tow strap to help with tired legs & aid the learning process. 
  8. Extra wide rear wheel & brake - break with confidence, easy to break & stop for little feet.
  9. Two Sizes - Large (610 x 17 x 28 cm) & Small (56 x 160 x 28 cm)