Trunki Intellectual Property & Infringement

Innovation is at the heart of Trunki, we design everything in the UK with our own inhouse design team who think differently, creating first to market products that truly delight our customers.

Pioneering new products requires a massive investment in research and development,not to mention the cost of ensuring they meet the highest safety standards. Lazy, copycat manufacturers and counterfeiting companieswill always seek the fast track to market by producing cheap versions that don’t meet these safety and quality standards, so we take our intellectual property rights very seriously.Infringement is against the law but laws are becoming more stringent, especially with the introduction of criminal provisions for intentional registered design infringement. Individual directors will also held liable. The IP Act will become law in October 2014. The maximum prison sentence is 10 years

Beware of imitation products; they are often made poorly and in un-ethical working conditions and don’t meet International children’s safety standards and end up breaking after limited use.Counterfeiting is also linked to organized crime.

Our brand, products, packaging, photos, videos and website are protected globally by intellectual property law. These intellectual property rights include trademarks (registered and unregistered), patents, registered and unregistered design rights, copyright and unfair competition law.

ALL Trunki products are protected by patents, design registrations, unregistered designs and copyright. We are constantly fighting counterfeits and copycat products to not only protect our rights but ensure consumers, especially young children, don’t use unsafe products. If products look similar, they will be,in most cases, infringing our intellectual property rights.

Trunki will take legal action against ANYONE who infringesits intellectual property rightsWe have a global team of professionals dedicated to working assiduously to enforce our intellectual property rights worldwide.

Trunki are active members of Anti Copying in Design (ACID) which represents thousands of designers whose rights have been infringed. Trunki have a pro-active anti copying policy underpinned by a global and ongoing naming and shaming publicity campaign. It can take decades to build a brand (for even committed copyists) and moments to destroy if caught. IP and best practice, ethics, compliance with respect for intellectual property ownership are the cornerstones of corporate social responsibility (CSR).We are also actively working with PIPCU, a new police initiative and specialized intellectual property crime unit.


If you suspect our intellectual property rights have been infringed please immediately contact
Have you noticed or found a copy or fake Trunki? Please report this infringement by clicking here!