2020 Wishlist: Five Places You Have To Add To Family Holidays List In The New Year!

The turn of the new year is a fresh start for the whole family, and what better way to celebrate new beginnings than with a new holiday destination! The whole world is the oyster for your family but it’s quite a big one, so we thought it would be helpful to highlight our five places to add to your holiday list! 

Lapland, Iceland

If you’re anything like we were as kids, your little ones probably spent a lot of the lead up to Christmas staring out the window, waiting for snow! They might not have got the Crosby-White Christmas they were waiting for, but you can give them a white new year instead! Deeply nestled into the Arctic Circle, lies Lapland – the northernmost region of Finland. The snow-covered countryside is absolutely stunning, covered in pine firs and gentle slopes dotted with small mountains.

Iceland is also famous for being the home of Father Christmas himself! The new year is just as good a time as any to visit the most generous man on the planet and to escape to a pure, white landscape. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a peaceful break in the countryside watching the Northern Lights, or an activity-break at a ski resort, this winter wonderland has got you covered! 

The Northern Lights is a must-see!

County Kerry, Ireland

If you’re looking for a holiday of embracing the great outdoors with the family, look no further than County Kerry. This southwestern region of Ireland has some of the best countryside in the UK and Ireland, with a stunning coastline of sandy beaches backing onto rugged cliffs, and rolling green hills dotted with lakes to explore! You and the little ones can become seafarers and can get a boat tour in search of basking sharks, whales and dolphins.

If they say ‘neigh’ to that idea, you could try horse-riding across the countryside instead! There’s plenty of countryside to explore, you just have to choose your mode of transport; there’s cycle tours, mountain paths and hiking trails to take you as far as you and the little ones want to go!

Sirmione, Italy is the perfect destinations for little princesses & knights!

Sirmione, Italy

If you have little ones that are fond of fairy tales, Sirmione should be top of your holiday list! This town sits on the edge of Lake Garda in Italy, and it feels like something straight out of a Disney film. This town has winding cobbled streets, an old town square, and (most importantly) a 13th century fairy tale castle, complete with moat and drawbridge!

This place is more than just a spectacular sight, and there are plenty of things to keep your little prince and princesses busy! There are beaches dotted around the lake, as well as water sports on the water! For the more thrill-seeking youngsters, there are also plenty of water and amusement parks in the area. Sirmione is the best the new and the old, for the whole family to have a happy-ever-after-holiday!

An ice-cream by the riviera, what could be better?

Torquay, England

The English Riviera has been a popular family holiday destination for hundreds of years – and for good reason! This is one of the most beautiful bits of coastline in the country and has enough attractions to keep the little ones busy for the whole trip – and we mean the whole trip! There’s a model village which is famous for its miniature versions of famous UK sites (perfect for the little ones to feel like giants!) a dinosaur world (complete with spectacular exhibitions), a jungle-inspired adventure mini-golf course, several water adventure parks, a nearby zoo (which is amongst the best in the country) and too many seaside attractions to fit into this blog! If you’re looking for an attraction-based holiday on the sunny, sandy coast of the English Riviera – Torquay may be the place for you!

The new year brings about plenty of things for the family, including the chance to set some new holiday destinations! We hope the ones on our list are sparking your inspiration!

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