A Trunki For Grown Ups is FINALLY Here!

Attention Trunki fans, we’ve got some very BIG news…  we’re about to launch a limited edition Trunki for GROWN UPS!!!

That’s right folks, you’ve been asking us for an adult Trunki for years and now we’re finally giving you what you want! Say goodbye to toddler envy next time you see tiny tots scooting across shiny airport floors on brightly coloured Trunki cases – Now you can join the fun too!

Trunki for Grown Ups

Standing at 59cm high, it’s the perfect ride-on size for grown ups, and with an impressive 118.5 litre storage capacity, there’s enough room to pack your sombrero, your straw donkey and your entire collection of garden gnomes!

Now you and your whole family can proudly ride through the airport together in one giant Trunki train. Or why not take it on your next business trip and let your jealous colleagues eat your Trunki dust as you speed through the airport leaving them chasing behind, dragging their boring black luggage! ;-)

We’re planning on launching a limited number of adult Trunki cases in a range of cute character designs next month, so we wanted to give you a sneaky preview to hear your thoughts about what features you’d like to see in the new design.

Join the conversation and show your support for the new Adult Trunki by giving us a shout out on social media using the hashtag #AdultTrunki!

Suggested RRP £199/ More information and launch date coming soon!
Press and PR contact: Melanie@magmatic.co.uk / 0117 9543 056


UPDATE: If you have read all the way to the bottom of this page, you’re probably pretty excited by now right? If you didn’t notice the date this post was published, you’re also probably about to get a bit disappointed… APRIL FOOLS!

Sorry if your day has now been ruined! But since we got such an amazing response to this post, we are actually now thinking about what the next big Trunki inventions should be. Let us know your thoughts.

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