A Trunki Treasure Hunt for Half Term!

Are you looking for easy activities for the children this half term? There are often only so many days out the purse strings can stretch to and kids are always just as happy with your attention and a bit of imagination. Blogger Chloe at Life Unexpected created a wonderful holiday-themed treasure hunt with her little girl Evie for us, hiding holiday items for Evie to find and pack into her Trunki suitcase!

Chloe writes:

“Evie’s imagination is so lovely at the moment, so this week we decided to couple her love for Benny and the outdoors, and stimulate her imagination with a treasure hunt.

Evie was ecstatic about getting to take Benny outside and insisted on pulling him all the way to the fields. We’re not quite sure if she actually thinks he’s a real cat.

Seeing as Benny was joining us, we decided to add a travel twist to the treasure hunt, hiding all the things you’d need to pack in your suitcase if you are going on holiday.

From sun cream, to a sun hat, to summer dresses, swimming costumes, sun glasses and even a bed time story all about adventure, we set off about the fields and lanes to find Evie’s hidden possessions.

She had so much fun!

I’ve never seen her so excited before, squealing ‘Mummy look, Evie’s *insert item here*’ every time we stumbled across something new.

From jewellery to shoes, she skipped through the fields trying to hunt her things, packing them all back in her suitcase when she found them.

I did keep them all in a close area so that they didn’t get lost or blown away, but the treasure hunt still took us nearly forty minutes, which is the perfect amount of entertainment time!

Evie is so curious but one thing she is not very good at at the moment is taking in her surroundings.

She’s certainly one to charge head first onwards, without looking where she’s going, always ending up walking into people or things.

The treasure hunt was such a fun way to teach Evie about taking notice of where she is and whats around her. Plus, packing her Trunki suitcase full of her treasures, is a great start to teaching her about travel, as we have some exciting plans to go away for a few months in the coming year.”

Other ideas for a treasure or scavenger hunt

For older children how about strapping on their PaddlePak and sending them off to find you some ‘treasures’. See if they can find you:

  • A yellow flower
  • A bottle cap
  • A big leaf
  • A pointy leaf
  • Something beginning with the letter ‘S’
  • A unusually shaped stick
  • A pretty stone

The options are endless. And if it’s raining you can always put something together in the house. Happy hunting!


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