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At Trunki, we're known for our innovative travel products. For over 10 years we've been making family travel that little bit easier for both parents and children - making many happy memories along the way!

What you might not know is that we also have a whole host of products suited to many other areas of family life, including those all important days at school.

So while you might already be familiar with our original ride-on suitcases, you probably aren't quite as familiar with our other products, such as our ToddlePak Backpacks, our PaddlePak Swimming Bags or our EAT Range products - all Trunki goodies perfect for school and nursery.

Trunki ToddlePak Backpacks

Our ToddlePak Backpacks are bright and colourful kids backpacks perfect for their nursery days and early years in school. These backpacks come in a number of bright animal designs to make your child feel like they've got a comforting friend by their side for school days or play dates.

Packed full of Trunki features, our toddler backpacks have got a padded back and straps for comfort, a side pocket for carrying extra items, a hugging arm strap for keeping a precious toy or blanket close to hand and they’re also made of hi-visibility material to keep them safe on dark mornings and afternoons.

Find out more about our ToddlePak Backpacks by clicking here, or take a look at some of these school-ready explorers... 

ToddlePak Backpack From Trunki

Ready to head off to school with his Leeroy the Lion ToddlePak Backpack, we love the bowtie in particular! 

Kids Backpack From Trunki

On the way to school with her Betsy ToddlePak Backpack. Their spacious 4 litre capacity means our children's backpacks are perfect for keeping and transporting all school-related items.

Tipu The Tiger ToddlePak Backpack

Packing his Tipu the Tiger ToddlePak Backpack ready for his first day back in school!  

ToddlePak Backpack From Trunki

That exciting moment when you reach the school gates with Betsy the ToddlePak Backpack along for the ride.


Trunki EAT Range


The Trunki EAT Range consists of our 2-in-1 Lunch Bag Backpacks and Trunki Snack Pots - everything you need to ensure your child has a fresh lunch that's easy to transport and find in the general hubbub of school or nursery. 

Our 2-in-1 Lunch Bag Backpacks have a spacious 3.5 litre capacity that is fully insulated and moisture resistant. They come with an inner mesh pocket suitable for an ice pack or additional food and include a write-on area for your child's name - to avoid any confusion.

Our Snack Pots fit perfectly in our Lunch Bags and come in a set of three that vary in size and seal tight to keep your child's food fresh.

Just like all our other product ranges, our EAT Range goodies come in several different bright, colourful designs. Have a look at our EAT Range by clicking here, or take a look at these lunch-ready little students... 

Trunki Snack Pots For Kids

Enjoying a spot of lunch with her Trunki Snack Pots. If green isn't your child's favourite colour, our snack pots come in three different sets of varying colours. 

2-in-1 Kids Lunch Bag Backpacks From Trunki

Two 2-in-1 Lunch Bag Backpacks all packed and ready to head off to school with the children. The mesh pocket can be used to hold extra food or an ice block if you need to keep your children's food cold. 

Kids Lunchbags From Trunki

Two students ready for the day with their Betsy and Harley 2-in-1 Lunch Bag Backpacks!  

Trunki ToddlePak Backpacks & 2-in-1 Lunch Bag Backpacks

All ready to go to school with Tipu the ToddlePak Backpack and Betsy the 2-in-1 Lunch Bag Backpack. Our Lunch Bags can be used as a backpack, or carried as a shoulder bag, meaning both our ToddlePak Backpacks and Lunch Bags work very well together.


Trunki PaddlePak Swimming Bags


Back to school, back to school swimming lessons! We've got just what you need to pack your little ones swimmers in for a swimming lesson, look no further than a Trunki PaddlePak Swimming Bag

Our PaddlePak Swimming Bags are water-resistant backpacks for children inspired by creatures of the big, blue sea. Their large size and water-resistant material is perfect for keeping all your kids swimming accessories safe and dry. 

Our PaddlePak's come in several bright colourful designs, such as the orange Chuckles the Clownfish, yellow Spike the Blowfish or red Pinch the Lobster - so you're bound to find one perfectly suited to your child.

Find out more about our PaddlePak Swimming Bags here, or take a look at these happy swimmers below...

PaddlePak Kids Swimming Bags

Ready to head off to swimming lessons with her Inky the Octopus PaddlePak swimming bag.

Kids PaddlePak Swimming Bags From Trunki

Two very happy little swimmers on their way to the pool with Ribbit the Frog and Chuckles the Clownfish!

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