Bank Holiday Activities with Trunki (that won’t cost the earth)

There are some lovely long-weekend bank holidays coming up in 2022 which means lots of precious family-time (and hopefully a lot of sun). We don’t think bank holidays should cost the earth so we’ve put together some bank holiday activities that you can do no matter where in the world you are.

Bank Holiday Activities With Trunki and TeeBee

Go rainbow spotting

Fingers crossed there will be no rain on any of the bank holidays. But you don’t need sunshine and rain to spot a rainbow! This game makes any nature walk more fun and keeps your little ones on their toes.

Get them to spot all the colours of the rainbow while outdoors on a walk. They’ll get green right away but see if they can spot all the blues, reds, and violets.

Turn it into a competition where they get a prize at the end. This is also a handy way to stop them eating all the snack before you get out of the car.

Pack up pens, crayons, paper (and the prize) in your ToddlePak and they can note down or draw all the rainbows they see on their walk.


It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, off on a seaside break or taking a stroll around the neighbourhood, there is bound to be a geocache site nearby.

This is a fun way to find hidden objects and for the older kids, it’s a bit like a real life Pokemon Go. You download the app, find your nearest geocache site and go look for the hidden treasure.

Some geocaches are harder to find than others but you can search by difficulty. Geocahces are usually small boxes hidden in public places. Some people leave a present inside for the next person to find. If you find a present, you should leave one in return. Painted rocks, small toys and crayons are usually good prizes to leave.

You may also get to leave your name and when you found the geocache on a little list inside so take a pen.

You’ll need a phone with data or wifi, pen or pencil, and a small prize. Pop the prize in your ToddlePak so your kids can swap it for anything hiding in the geocache.

You can geocache all over the world so it doesn’t matter where you spend your bank holidays, you’ll get to know all the nooks and crannies nearby.

Picnic with ToddlePak


We are hoping for glorious weather so packing up a picnic is the perfect free day activity. Parks are the obvious choice for a picnic, but what about a little trek up a hill for a picnic with a view? If you’re spending bank holiday in the UK, we’ve got some beautiful national parks with hikes suitable for little legs.

If you pick the ones with a visitor centre, you’ll probably find an ice cream shop for an end of picnic treat, too.

Or if you’re heading to the beach for a picnic, our Trunki snack pots will help keep the sand out of the sandwiches. They are perfect for little hand and after you eat, you can use them to store all those interesting sticks, feathers and stones they find.


Pond Dipping

Grab a net and go pond dipping. You’ll need a container, like an empty snack pot, and put in a bit of pond water. The safest way to pond dip is by lying on your tummy and moving the net in a figure of eight. Empty the net into the container and see what you can spot.

If the ground by the pond is too wet, get your tot to sit down and try find a net with a long handle so they don’t get too near to the pond.

Charities like your local RSPB and Wildlife Trust might offer some pond dipping activities or guides to help you identify what you catch. During the May and June bank holidays you might even spot some dragonfly nymphs which have existed since the dinosaurs!

Don’t forget to return anything you catch back into the pond.

rock pooling with PaddlePak

Rock Pooling

Heading to the beach over the bank holidays? Don’t forget your Trunki and a net to go rock pooling. You can use your Trunki to watch any crabs that you catch. It’s also a good place to store all the lovely shells and rocks you find.

For the best rock pooling, go just after the tide goes out for your best chance at spotting crabs and other sea creatures in the rocks.

Remember to put any crabs back where you found them. And return the shells or pebbles to the beach before you leave.

Take a bike ride

There are some lovely cycle lanes around the UK and many of the old disused railways now make a lovely cycle route. If you’re in London, there is the Parkland Walk which runs from Finsbury Park all the way up to Alexandra Palace where you’ll get one of the best views of London. There is an adventure playground and sculptures along the way.

Further north, you’ll find the Monsal Trail in the Peak District. This runs from Bakewell all the way up to Buxton. You don’t need to do the full route to go through old tunnels, over viaduct and pass the Hassop cafe on the way. It’s nice and flat for small legs.

Nearer to Trunki’s home is the Bristol and Bath railway path. It’s 13 miles in length but if you set off from the Bristol end you’ll find old Warmley station where there is a cafe. Although we recommend fitting Britton Railway Station into your route as a steam railway runs alongside the track.

Holidaying in Cornwall? Check out the Camel Trail which has bike hire along its 18 mile route. The flat section between Wadebridge and Padstow has an impressive medieval bridge with 17 arches.

Bike Ride Bank Holiday Activities

Bank Holiday Activities

If you are out and about with your Trunki, ToddlePak, snack pots or any other Trunki product over the bank holiday weekend, tag us in your social media posts as we’d love to see them.

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