Best Travel Apps and Games for Kids


Best Travel Apps And Games For Kids

Got a long car journey ahead and don’t fancy a mammoth game of eye spy? We’ve got your covered with some of the best travel apps and games for kids.

Download these to your tablet before you set off and whether you’re heading out for a weekend break or setting off for sunnier climes, these apps will keep your little one entertained. 


Toca Boca

Toca Boca has a wide range of games where your tot can get involved in little worlds with the Toca characters. They fire up their imagination and create wacky hairstyles in Toca Hair Salon, get cooking in Toca Kitchen, or enjoy the explosive Toca labs.

These fun apps keep your child busy creating while you’re travelling (or even packing).



Fancy getting your toddler coding? The Looparoo app is built specifically to teach children as young as three how to code. Using simple games and problem-solving, this fun app takes your little one through basic coding skills. It’s designed by a team of mums and extensively tested by the harshest of judges - kids.

This app will entertain your kids while also letting them learn some pretty nifty skills. They even get to build their own games.


Lego Life and Lego Mario

In fact, any of the Lego apps will keep the fun going but with Lego Life you can add your real-life brick builds onto the app as well as play the games. Perfect if you’ve got a stash of bricks in your TeeBee ready for the journey.



Teach Your Monster To Read

This award-winning game is played by over 30 million kids and is a fun way to bring phonics and maths into your tot’s playtime. The bright, colourful monsters use sounds and words to help your little one learn phonics while having fun playing Teach Your Monster To Read.



The CBeebies app is full of TV shows, games, puzzles and drawing for your little one to do. Everything is built with for the pre-schooler so you can be confident that they’ll be able to navigate the app themselves.

Plus, all the games and puzzles are based on their favourite TV shows, so you know that they’ll enjoy the the app.


Pinkfong ABC Phonics

If you’ve not quite heard enough Baby Shark, yet then the Pinkfong ABC Phonics is worth downloading to your tablet. Baby Shark and family are on hand to teach your child their ABC and phonics in this fun (and ear worm-friendly) game.

This cute phonics game will help your little one learn while you’re travelling and suits pre-schoolers and those in early years.


Baby Musical Instruments

If Baby Shark is not your child’s speed, then they may enjoy Baby Musical Instruments. Grab a headset and let them make lovely music on this app as they try out different instruments and interact with the cute animals on the app.

Perfect for refining their hand-eye coordination as well as keeping them entertained on the journey.


Helpful Travel Tips

Of course, if you’re going on a long journey, your little one might nod off mid-play. That’s why we’ve designed our fun Yondi travel cushions to help make those nap times more comfortable.

Pick from eight fun and colourful characters to take your next journey in style. (And some of these Yondis match our Trunkis as well).

Before you pack up the car and cases, make sure all the apps are downloaded and ready to play. All of these apps shouldn’t need wifi but it’s worth checking before you leave.

Don’t forget the headsets. This means your little one can still enjoy the music even if you’re going by public transport. And a spare battery charger pack will keep the fun going if the battery on the tablet doesn’t last as long as your travel time.

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