Out & About This Christmas With Trunki

With Christmas only a couple of weeks away, the excitement is really starting to mount up... The lists have been written, the decorations are up and the plans are (just about) in place! 

It's not just Christmas Day that has the excitement however. With all the lights, Christmas related shows, events and general merriment, the whole Christmas period can feel really magical - especially for our children. 

Have a look at what some of our Trunki families have been up to this Christmas...

Una The Unicorn Trunki

Let's start things off with a classic Christmas tree shot and an inspection from our Una the Unicorn Trunki suitcase... She certainly seems to approve! 

ToddlePak Child Reins - Felix

Next up, we have this excited little one all wrapped up warm taking a walking break with Felix the ToddlePak.

ToddlePak Child Reins - Dudley

Crunching through the snow with Dudley the ToddlePak. Our ToddlePak child reins come in a range of different designs and colours - click here for more

Someone's ready for their next adventure with their Flossi the Flamingo Trunki. Flossi is the only Trunki suitcase to have rose gold horns.

ToddlePak Child Reins - Dudley

Another little explorer all wrapped-up and on their way with Dudley the ToddlePak

ToddlePak Backpack - Leeroy

What Christmas wouldn't be complete without a bit of sledging (if there's snow of course)! Leeroy the ToddlePak Backpack is out having a great time.

Una The Unicorn Trunki

Waiting patiently with her Una the Unicorn Trunki Suitcase. Like all our Trunki suitcases, Una comes with a five year guarantee - all you have to do is save your proof of purchase.

Trunki at Christmas! If you've got any lovely Christmas / winter photos you'd like to share with us just send them on social media or tag us using #Trunki. 

Have a great Christmas everyone!

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