Destination Next: Bornholm, Denmark

When you think about sunning it up on holiday, an island on the Baltic Sea is probably not the first place that springs to mind! Well, we’re hoping to change that! Bornholm is an island to the east of mainland Denmark and has been a popular holiday destination amongst Danish people for decades. It’s easy to see why: it is a paradise of idyllic villages dotted amongst sand beaches and pine forests.

It is known to Denmark as solskinsøen which means sunshine island, as the weather is sunnier than most other places across the country. The warmest months are July and August with average temperatures in the 20s, but also enjoys warm autumns compared to the rest of Scandinavia, with average temperatures in the low teens (that’s tropical compared to some other areas in that part of Europe!)

Get your bucket and spade ready because one of the best features of Bornholm is its south-side, which is completely bordered with sandy beaches. Our personal favourite is Dueodde which is best on the island, if not in the whole country. The sand is white, and the water is blissfully blue and great for swimming! There’s also several water sports for the kids to have a splash at, with most beaches offering kite surfing, wind surfing, boating and kayaking!

So, what are you waiting for? Get on your bike! No, literally: Bornholm is also home to the largest network of cycling routes in Europe! With over 150 miles of winding paths that make use of old railway tracks and ancient forest paths, you can spend hours exploring the island in a family-line of bicycles! If you’re little ones are too young to cycle, that’s not a problem either because Bornholm is where the Christiania cargo bikes are made. That’s right, like the one Edgar the Butler rides in The Aristocats, but minus the motorised engine – unfortunately! They can sit in the passenger box and watch the beautiful countryside around them, whilst you do all the hard work! Sorry!

As if this wasn’t enough, there’s also a chance to get arty and crafty! Bornholm has a long history with artists with much of the island’s business revolving around glass work and ceramics. So, if you fancy rolling your sleeves up and getting your creative juices flowing, all the family can have a go at one of the painting and pottery workshops on the island!

After trying out all that this wonderful island has to offer, you’ll probably be ready to relax with some food and hard-earned beverages! Well, aside from all the normal cuisines you would expect, Bornholm is famous for its smokehouses, craft beer and fancy restaurants. Which is great for food with the family or if you fancy something a bit more, well, fancy!

Bornholm is a paradise of sand and beaches that’s waiting for you to explore. Whether you’re bonkers for biking, bound for the beach, have brilliant brushstrokes or backing some beer, this island has everything you have to offer!

Cheers! (Skål!)

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