Destination Next: Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire

Sometimes what you’re looking for is right at the end of your nose, or in this case, nestled into the Upper Calder Valley, in West Yorkshire! This English town has transformed from its industrial roots in the 19th century, into a haven for tourists on holiday!

The uniqueness of Hebden Bridge began in the 1970s, when a large number of creative people took up residence in what was a relatively forgotten old industrial town. Ever since then, this market town has gone from strength to strength. Its cultural and artistic vibes have been so influential to the place that its even inspired its new nickname of ‘Bohemian Bridge’!   

Hebden Bridge has plenty to offer your family! There are a lot of independent shops in the town – and we mean a lot! The town ranked sixth in the country for diversity of shops and providing a unique shopping experience! You can get your hands on everything here, including: a funky toy from the toy shop, a bag of sweet treats from the traditional confectionery, a cute gift from the craft shop, an ethical accessory from the Fairtrade shop, or some ‘Mum and Dad specials’ from the cheese and wine shop! This town is a paradise for all you shopaholics out there!

Once you’ve dropped from the shopping, the fun doesn’t stop! Hebden Bridge is surrounded by countryside and nature to get stuck into! The Hardcastle Crags is a wooded valley just a couple miles out of the town. This National Trust estate is a perfect place to escape back to nature. You can take long walks through the trees and alongside the river, before dropping into the Gibson Mill café to reward yourself for your efforts! There is also a canal which runs through the town, so if you fancy setting assail then organise a boat trip into the Pennines! Barge boats take tourists into the heart of ‘the backbone of England’, making for a great day-trip away from the town! You can enjoy the natural wonder of this area, with plenty of walks available, and pubs to help you along the way!

Food is a major part of any family holiday, and often finding the right place for you and the little ones can be a struggle! Well, that won’t be the case in Hebden Bridge! This quaint little market town is home to more than twenty cafes and tea rooms, and around the same number of pubs, bars and restaurants. From Italian to Indian, teacakes to Thai curries, there are very few dishes you won’t be able to get in this foody town!

For any culture-conscious families, there’s also some great venues to check out! The town has an art-deco cinema which was built in the 1920s and is still running today. If you’re a film family, this is the perfect spot for an afternoon of relaxed entertainment. There are also art exhibitions and music events held at various venues across town, including The Trades Club, which has been a hub for music in West Yorkshire for decades (everyone from Patti Smith and Donovan to Laura Marling and the Staves have played there!) 

If you’re looking for a great holiday that’s close to home, you can’t do much better than Hebden Bridge. This creative and friendly market town in West Yorkshire has options to please the whole family! So, whether you’re a foodie or a film-buff, a nature lover or a concert-goer, a shopper or a culturist, this place has got you covered!


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