Destination Next: Seville, Spain

When you think of family holidays, it would be surprising if the sunny south of Spain didn’t spring to mind! And what better place to enjoy what this region has to offer than Seville! This city is one of the largest in Spain and is over 2,000 years old! Brimming with the joys of Spanish culture and history, this place has some of the best that the country has to offer!

Seville sits in the southern Andalusia region and enjoys the sunny bliss of a Mediterranean climate. The city is dominated by beautifully long summers which last from May to October, and is often noted as having one of the hottest summers in Europe! Seville has some of the best sunshine on the continent during summer and enjoys temperatures from the low 20s to mid-30 degrees Celsius. So, if you’re a family that enjoys sunny vibes, there is nowhere quite like Seville!

The city has an array of things to offer other than its sunny weather – start with the historical sites of Seville (and there’s plenty to choose from!) Try starting with the Cathedral & Giralda – the cathedral has stood at the heart of the city for almost 500 years and the tower for even longer! Pretend to be a group of horseback riders climbing up the Giralda tower: the ramps still exist here from centuries ago when religious leaders would ride to the top and ring the bell for prayer! Or explore the wonders of the Cathedral, including the rumoured resting place of Christopher Columbus! Your little ones will be amazed by the history of this place, and you can continue the historic adventure by taking a traditional Sevillian horse ride through the Old Town!

If its’s more modern marvels that your family’s looking for, then look no further than Metropol Parasol! This wonder of modern architecture is the largest wooden structure in the world and has a number of names amongst Sevillians: some call it tree grove but the more popular name is the mushrooms, go take a visit and see what your little explorers call it! There are a variety of levels and runways for them to explore and fantastic views of the city! It’s also a popular spot for locals in the evening, making this a great spot to feel Español (even if you’re only there for a short getaway!)

Even wandering around Seville is well worth your time! Make your way down narrow, winding side streets, listen to Flamenco bands in outside cafes and find some shade in the city’s parks. Parque de Maria Luisa is one of the city’s most popular and it’s a wonderland of orange trees, waterfalls and ice cream stands! I’m sure your little tots will be delighted to take some time exploring this place whilst cooling down with a very large ice cream in hand (and you probably will too!)

That brings us on to a real holiday favourite: food! The tapas scene is one of the main cultural attractions to the city for foodie families with plenty of local specialities to tuck into! For kids (and adults) with sweet teeth there are also some traditional Sevillian desserts to sweeten up your trip, including honey coated fritters and sugar-coated cakes- yum! Not to mention the world famous Sevillian oranges for a juicy treat that’s more on the healthy side of things!

Seville is one of the best cities for a family holiday with so many historical sites, parks and streets to explore! Whether you’re there for a cheeky weekend getaway or a longer family trip, Seville has plenty to keep you and the little ones happy!

Cheers! (aclamaciones!)

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