Diary Day... Five Tips To Host A Bonfire Night That Sparkles!

The glow of a bonfire, the fizz of a sparkler, the crunch of a toffee apple and the whole sky lit up with fireworks – is there anything quite like Bonfire Night? We’re not sure there is, and hosting your own Bonfire Night party is a great way of making the event even more special for your little ones! Here are our five tips to make sure your party goes off with a bang!

Bonfires are fun, but be safe!

Safety first

Remember, remember the fifth of November, always think safety first! Keeping the little ones safe is the most important part of fireworks night, so you should prepare for any mishaps! Making sure your fireworks and/or bonfire are at a safe distance from the kids (and any trees, fences or buildings!) is the obvious priority. Putting a ‘do not cross’ rope in place is a sure way of keeping everyone safe.

Another big one to bear in mind are sparklers: they might be great fun for the little ones, but they’re also a disaster waiting to happen. So, make sure an adult is on sparkler supervision duty at all times!

Have some side-entertainment

No matter how much you try, there’ll always be a little tot that isn’t keen on all the commotion. The noise of the fireworks and the smell of the bonfire are enough to send some kids into a bit of fear frenzy! So, why not set up an indoor crafts area, so everyone can have a good time. You can have some pencil and paper ready for some bonfire night artwork or set up a room with some glow-in-the-dark balloons and bracelets to host some indoor fun that’s a little less noisy!

Toffee apples are kids favourite snack on bonfire night!

Fantastic finger food

No party is complete without some fantastic finger food. The best thing about it is that it’s easy to make and yummy to eat! We recommend a combination of British party classics, i.e. a selection of sandwiches, cheese and pineapple hedgehogs, and chicken tikka bites (you know the drill!) plus some great bonfire favourites, like toffee apples and hotdogs! Keep the people fed, and you’re already winning half the battle!

Theme it up!

Setting a theme for Bonfire Night is a great way to mix up and make it even more fun for the little ones! One of our favourites is a fairground theme: You can have some great funfair games dotted about like throw the coconut, ring fishing and pin the tail on the donkey, plus you can all dress up to get silly with it! Theming up the party makes sure that the little ones get involved with the evening and have a great time!

Keep your little ones wrapped up warm on bonfire night!

Wrap up warm

No matter how much fun you’re having, standing in the cold can create an icy atmosphere! To avoid this, it’s always best to have your little ones wrapped up really warm. So, get their clothes layered, their hands gloved, their head hatted, their neck scarfed, and stick a coat on for good measure! Another great clothing tip is to add some ear muffs – they keep the ears warm and dampen the noise of the fireworks which can scare some little ones.

The excitement of Bonfire Night is enough for any little one or big one (looking at you, Mum and Dad) excited! Hosting your own party is one of the best ways to make this night extra special for everyone. There are plenty of fun ideas to make your party sparkle, and we hope our tips give you a good place to start! Remember: Safety first!

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