Diary Days: We’re All A-Flutter For The Big Butterfly Count, and The Three Other Animal Days To Get Your Kids Involved In!

When you have kids, it’s important to make every day feel special. This is obviously easier said than done, but don’t worry because our new Diary Days blog is here to help you out! We’re going to give you a heads-up on international animals because they’re a great way to make lots of special occasions for your little ones and raise awareness for important issues! They’re great opportunities to get creative, get inspired and get silly with the kids. That’s three pretty good reasons if you ask us, so you ‘butter’ be ready, because here’s three days to get you going!

Big Butterfly Count (19th July – 11th August)

Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee: here’s the first dates to put in your diary! Big Butterfly Count is a national survey which helps scientists to know how our environment is doing – it kicks off today! Butterflies are a great way to track the health of nature because they react quickly to environmental changes, which let us know if our great outdoors is really doing great!

Simply count butterflies with your little ones for 15 minutes during sunny weather between 19 July – 11 August! It’s really that easy! This is a great way to get your kids outside and get them interested in nature. To flutter up the fun, make some butterfly costumes and transform your tots into ‘undercover butterfly spies’!

World Lion Day (11th August)

This will have your little rascals roaring with laughter! World Lion Day recognises the beauty of these wonderful animals and highlights the ways we can help them. The ‘mane’ way this is done, is by promoting and supporting charities involved with their conservation!

Try making lion costumes for the whole family and acting like a pride for the day! You can prowl around the house and garden together, and when you’re tired there’s plenty of lion films to put on (hints: Lion King, Narnia, Madagascar)! This is great fun and makes your kids aware of a worthy cause. Try taking it an extra step by going to a nature reserve or raising money amongst friends for a lion charity.

International Rabbit Day (28th September)

This is a great day for your little bunnies! International Rabbit Day is an annual celebration held on the fourth weekend each September to promote awareness of one of our favourite furry friends! So, don’t worry, be hoppy, and have some fun!

Why not take your fluffle (that’s rabbit for family) to a rabbit sanctuary! Your little ones will love feeding and petting rabbits to celebrate the day! You could also have a bunny lunch, by eating some carrot sticks, fruit and salad (just don’t include any grass)! If that’s not enough, there’s always everyone’s favourite funny bunny to keep the little ones entertained, just stick some Looney Tunes on and let Bugs Bunny do the rest!

International Monkey Day (14th December)

Hopefully your little monkeys will get into the swing of this day! With the all the activities you can do, we’re sure there’ll go ape for it! In fact, they might have so much fun that they’ll go bananas! Alright, we’ll get to the point and stop monkeying around (couldn’t resist!) International Monkey Day recognises all the wonderful species of monkey across the world, including primates such as apes, tarsiers and lemurs! It’s a great day for your little ones to learn more about these adorable and intelligent animals whilst having lots of fun!

Try dressing up as your own troop of monkeys and getting silly around the house together – you could eat monkey food (like exotic fruits and nuts) and act out grooming rituals to make it more educational! Why not take them to your nearest zoo, so they can see some monkeys up close! Lots of them have special events for the day to encourage fundraising for monkey conservation!

So, there you go: our first set of Diary Days! These international animal days are a great way of having fun with your kids and getting them interested in nature. We know that they’ll love learning about nature, and have wild amounts of fun doing it! Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of our international days, so you can have special days throughout the year for your little one to enjoy!

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