DIY Days: How to keep your little ones entertained on rainy days

When you’re cooped up inside the house on a rainy day, you need to have contingency plans to keep your family entertained - because restless kids can spell disaster. Don’t worry, we’ve got some great ideas to keep the whole family from climbing the walls!

Have a picnic in the lounge

Who says you need to be outside to have a picnic? Having an indoor picnic is a great way to make lunchtime more exciting and burn some time on a rainy day. Get a massive blanket down on the floor, make some food and go for it!  

Put on a fashion show

Take dressing up to the next level by putting on a rainy day fashion show. Put a long rug down to create a runway, get all your kids costumes out of the wardrobe, get your camera ready and you’re good to go!


Create a cardboard castle 

Creating a cardboard castle is the perfect rainy day activity that can eat up the hours. First, decide what kind of castle to create (a castle in space, a medieval castle, an animal castle - whatever your little one’s imagination comes up with)! Second, it’s time to decorate - draw patterns with pens, cut-out windows, add paper flags, etc. Then let your little one be the king or queen of the castle for the rest of the day.

Write letters 

Writing letters with your little one is a fantastic way to have fun and learn at the same time. They can write to their friend, their grandparents or even the family pet - it’s all about practising writing skills and having fun. Once they’re done writing and decorating, you will have made a considerable dent in the day at least - it may even have stopped raining!

Embrace the rain 

Last (but not least) is the real elephant in the room. That’s right - embrace the rain. There are two approaches to this: get fully waterproofed in coat, wellies and umbrella, go for a walk and jump around in puddles, or get a swimming costume, get soaking wet in five minutes and come back inside. Either way, the best way to follow up is to get the wet clothes off and jump into a nice hot bath.

We know that rainy days can feel like a disaster waiting to happen but they should really feel like a great day of fun waiting to happen. Try one of our rainy day activities and we’re sure that the day will pass by in no time.

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