Eating Out! The Perfect Family Picnic In Six Simple Steps!

We all know that life can be no picnic at times, but that doesn’t mean that eating out with the family can’t be! Picnics are a great way of spending quality time with the little ones, enjoying the great outdoors and eating some delicious food! So, here are our six simple steps for a perfect family picnic!

  1. Location, location, location

Before you even think about embarking on a family picnic, you need to scout out a great location! This will eliminate any last-minute disasters, like finding out there are no nearby toilets or that that parking is a mile away! We recommend picking somewhere that the whole family will enjoy, that could be in a forest, in a huge park with a kiddie’s playground or a quiet spot by a river – the options are endless (sort of!)

  1. Get the little chefs involved

Putting the chef hats (real or imaginary!) on the little ones and letting them help is a great way of having some pre-picnic fun and making sure they’ll enjoy it when they get there! If your little one has put carrot sticks in a pot or added a cheese slice to a sandwich, they’ll be much more likely to enjoy the whole experience! Also, they’ll be more likely to eat well, which all of us know can be a problem sometimes!

  1. Take some comforts

Just because you’re eating outside, doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style! As well as your picnic blanket, try taking a portable radio or phone speaker, a foldable chair or two and perhaps a pillow for good measure! It’s also a good idea to bring a pillow & blanket combo for the little ones, in case the occasion demands a well-deserved nap!

  1. Take easy servers

If you’re not careful, picnics can become a messy experience! The best way to avoid overpacking cutlery, paper plates, and glasses is to pack things that are easy to eat. We’re not saying to go without your fancy food, but try to keep things as hand-friendly as possible! We recommend a snack pot philosophy: if it can’t fit in a snack pot, it’s not true picnic grub! Little ones love eating with their hands, but it can be messy – so maybe pack some wipes too! 

  1. Pack plenty of water

We’re not qualified doctors, but we’re pretty sure that it’s a good idea to always be hydrated! This is easy enough at home, but when you’re on a picnic, usually the shop is a little walk away. So, as well as packing a drinks bottle for each of your little picnickers, try bringing a reserve supply! A good way of doing this is to freeze a bottle ¾ full of water and bring it in a separate bag with you, it will slowly defrost over the day and provide some refreshingly, cold hydration!  

  1. Don’t try to do an all-in-one picnic hamper

A picnic becomes a pretty heavy task (especially for Mum and Dad) when you’re trying to carry everything in one big cooler bag! We say let the little ones do some of the hard work: within reason, of course! Why not have each little one carry their own picnic in a backpack! That'll take some of the weight of your back and they’ll feel really grown up carrying their own lunch, all by themselves!

Picnics are a wonderful way to have fun with the family, spend some time outside and eat some yummy food! We hope our steps have given you some ways to make them as enjoyable as they can for your little ones, and as convenient as they can for you. If there’s one thing to remember, it’s the four Ps: Preparation Prevents Poor Picnics!  

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