Enjoying The Countryside With Your Toddler!

We love the blog Life Unexpected written by Cornwall-based blogger Chloe, first time mum to one-year-old Evie. So Chloe was the ideal person to ask to write this post on getting out and about in the countryside with a curious toddler – and why the countryside can present a few hazards to be aware of when exploring with little ones.

We all want to keep our little ones safe. At the same time we still want them to be free to explore and to learn dangers and boundaries for themselves.

If you have a young curious toddler too, you’ll know that it’s not always easy to keep them away from dangers. Especially when they’ve not only started to walk, but they’ve started to run and they are desperate to explore. Teaching them what is safe and what is not takes time.

Whenever I think of the countryside, I think of space and freedom.

As a family, we love the outdoors. Our favourite things include going to the beach, walking the stunning coast paths, hiking up big hills, running through fields and picnicking by streams.

Our little girl loves these places too. She loves running across the sand, rolling down hills and collecting flowers in fields. But all of these places come with their own set of dangers. Be it steep cliffs, livestock or deep water.

If your toddler is as quick on her feet as mine, or sees running off as a game, then having a Trunki ToddlePak not only gives you peace of mind, but it’s easily removable strap means that your toddler or child can have independence as soon as you reach a safe place.

If we’re walking along a cliff path or a river, trying to find a secure beautiful spot for a picnic and a run around, the reins are the perfect reassurance to us that our daughter is protected, but still gives her the opportunity to lead the way to our destination, with only intervention by us if it’s needed.

Don’t you find that toddlers have a fascination with water? Muddy puddles, the sea, streams! Ours does. We spend most of our time on our local beach and she loves running in and out of the sea, playing chase with the waves and letting the water roll over her feet.

Unfortunately, she’s still a little bit too young to spot the difference between a river with a strong current, and the sea. Whenever we’re out exploring, like most toddlers, she also doesn’t understand why she can’t approach things like cliff edges, or why she can’t go and say hello to a herd of grazing cows.

The countryside is such a beautiful place to explore with a toddler. There are so many wonderful sights and sounds to learn about.

Having a ToddlePak means that you can still visit all the places that you love, and until your little one is more mindful of dangers, the ToddlePak gives you confidence that your little one is safe, as well as the opportunity to teach them these dangers safely.

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