Family Firsts: Five new family experiences to try in 2020

Family Firsts: Five new family experiences to try in 2020

2020 - a new year, a new decade and a fresh opportunity for new family experiences! There’s no better time to try new things with your little ones and help them to learn more about themselves and the world. Here are our top five picks to get you started.

Cook a proper family meal 

You’ll be amazed at how much better the meal tastes when everyone’s made their contribution. Cooking together is a great chance to bond and teach your little one about ingredients and nutrition. What more could you ask for from a family activity than having fun, learning and eating at the same time! Plus, your little cook will look cute enough to eat in their apron and a chef hat! The cleaning up after remains another matter…

Conquer a mountain

This might seem like a daunting idea with little ones but it’s much easier in the UK than you might think - Snowdon in Wales and Malvern Ridge in England are two options. Imagine getting to the top and having a ‘kings and queens of the world’ moment with the family - lifting your little mountaineer in the air and whooping as loud as you can! Climbing a mountain is something your family will never forget.

Get outdoors for the day 

It’s one thing to take your little one to an outdoor activity centre for a friend’s birthday party but it’s another thing to join in! Sharing experiences with your little one, especially when it’s flying along a zip wire or climbing ten metres above the ground is a great way to bond. Going to an outdoor activity day with your little monkeys is a wonderful way to have fun and spend time in nature too.

Have fun at a family festival

If you think your festival days are behind you because you have children, think again! There are loads of family festivals across the UK that are a perfect way to let your hair down with your little ones. Family festivals nowadays have enough activities and events throughout the day to have you exhausted by lunchtime but we’re sure your little ones can pull you through.

Green-fingered gardening

Gardening (inside or outside the house) is a great way to teach your family about the joys of nature, and maybe remind yourself too. Why not create a herb garden in the kitchen and use the herbs to cook or create a home for a hedgehog in the garden. Gardening at a young age is a great way for children to learn and care about the great outdoors.

2020 is the time to try new things with the family! Helping your little one to learn and having fun at the same time is always one of the best duties as a parent. We hope our five new family experiences will only be the start for you and your little ones.

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