Five fun tricks to play on your little ones

If there’s one thing we all need a bit more of right now, it’s laughter! Whether you’re swapping your kid’s clothing or changing the colour of their food, there are plenty of ways to get involved with some fun pranks. Having some trouble coming up with ideas? No sweat - here are five fun tricks to enjoy a good laugh with your kids.

Surprise growth spurt

If your tots are convinced they’re already full-grown adults, this prank might give them a hilarious shock. Feed your kids broccoli and carrots the night before and convince them that finishing their veggies will give them a huge growth spurt. While they're asleep, change out some of their clothes for older ones and put some tissues on the ends of their shoes - they won’t believe how much they’ve grown in one night!

Food colouring

If your kids are fans of their sci-fi, this prank is super exciting. When your kids are all ready for their breakfast cereal, add some food colouring to their morning milk and bring it to the table. Whether it’s blue, red or pink, don’t forget to tell them you popped over to a neighbouring planet to fetch it! Thankfully, the milk will be completely edible, which will make their breakfast wonderfully colourful.

Balloon bonanza 

If you want to go big - the balloon bonanza is the perfect prank. While the kids are snoozing, blow up some balloons and stuff them into their clothes cupboard. When the morning comes, ask your little ones to fetch their clothes and they’ll be shocked to see colourful balloons falling out of their wardrobe!

Time change

We’ve all been there - waking up an hour late for work after the clocks have gone forward. What better way to prepare the kids for adult life than with a time changing prank? Set the alarm an hour before their usual wake up time for school and pretend that you’re all very late! Let the cat out of the bag after a few minutes of rushing and you’ll make the prank extra funny.

Tomato Toothpaste 

This prank is super easy and gets some of the biggest laughs! When you’re helping your kids wash their teeth in the morning, replace their toothpaste with a savoury substitute like garlic or tomato paste. They’ll receive a bit of a shock when they try brushing their teeth and they’re met with a garlicky flavoured toothpaste. Make sure they don’t carry on brushing their teeth with the paste for too long - it’s important to keep their tooth help up to scratch!

However you decide to trick your tots, help them understand that it’s all just fun and games. Keep an eye out for your little ones playing pranks on you too - nobody’s safe from the pranks, not even parents!

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