Five Fun Ways To Keep Active With Your Child During Lockdown

It’s safe to say that the world's been a bit topsy turvy this year. With more lockdowns on the horizon, ensuring your kids aren’t spending too much time sitting in front of their screens is a task worth facing head on. To help you keep those little legs moving, we’ve come up with five fun ways to keep your children active during lockdown.

Mix up the walks

During lockdown, taking the same exact routes with your walks can start to grind some gears. Adding a bit of excitement by planning some new routes can help you make the most of your walks. Why not make them a bit more interactive too? Bring along some cameras or a tick sheet for when your little ones spot some wildlife!

Sports equipment

Whether it’s a cricket bat or a tennis racquet, focusing on a single sport can add another element to your kid’s exercise. Cricket is fantastic if your kids are more keen on learning techniques. Football is the easiest one to get involved in - all you need is a ball and a couple of posts for goals! When we’ve put 2020 behind us, you can take them straight to the local club and watch them score for fun. Who knows - they might just be the new David Beckham. 

Wicks workout

Online classes aren’t for everyone, but when they’re fun they’re really fun. Trainers such as Joe Wicks do daily exercise routines that are kid friendly and perfect for inspiring everyone to get involved. Most classes have fancy dress days once a week too for an added layer of entertainment. The kids are getting their daily dose of exercise and there’s no escape for you either!

Set some challenges

During the first lockdown in April, a group of kids from Stockport accomplished the extraordinary goal of climbing the entire height of Mount Everest using the stairs in their house. They managed to climb a combined 8907 metres, which is 59 metres higher than the tallest mountain in the world! If you haven’t got a garden, setting some challenges like this is a great way to create some excitement around the house.

Have a dance

It’s no secret that adults and children alike need a pick-me-up throughout the lockdown period. Why not let loose and have a boogie around your house? Stick on the family’s favourite tunes and cut some shapes with the kids all over the house. Not only is this heaps of fun, but dancing is one of the best ways to get a daily workout. 

At such a critical point of development, depriving kids of their daily exercise is an absolute no-no. It’s essential to keep them on the right track and ensure that they’re educated in the whats and whys regarding exercise. No matter if you live in a flat or a mansion - there’s no excuse not to get involved!

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