Five St. Patrick's Day activities for a shamrocking time with your little ones

Top of the morning, afternoon or evening to you! St. Patrick’s Day is a great day to celebrate with your little ones - it’s full of colour, stories and culture for the whole family to enjoy. Here are five activities to have a shamrocking time!

Go green with everything

Going green is definitely a great look for St Patrick’s Day. There are so many ways you can incorporate green into your day - green clothes, green face paint, green food - the green list is endless! Why not try adding green food colouring to your little one’s drinks? Another top tip: end the day with a relaxing Irish bath made with a green bath bomb. Lovely.

Play ‘Luck of the Irish’

A really easy game that’s fun to make and even more fun to play - ‘Luck of the Irish’ will have your little ones entertained for hours! Cut out as many green paper shamrocks as you can - mostly with three leaves, but also include a handful of lucky four-leafed shamrocks. On the back of the lucky four-leafed shamrocks write some clues which will lead to a hidden chocolate coin. Your little ones have to close their eyes, pick out all the four-leafed shamrocks and collect up all the chocolate. Yummy fun!



Plant a shamrock

What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day than by planting the symbol of Ireland with your little gardeners. You can plant a few in pots and use them to decorate the house on the big day, then put them outside to enjoy them in the garden for the rest of the year. Another way to make it fun for the little ones is to name each one after an Irish place: ‘Corky’ and ‘Limmy’ are two great shamrock nicknames!

Make a hearty Irish dinner

Cooking with your little one is always a great activity, but cooking for a celebration makes it all the more special. Why not make some traditional Irish dishes with your little chef for St Patrick’s Day. Our favourites are Irish stew (made with lamb, stock and plenty of veggies) and colcannon (a potato and greens dish). You’ll feel full to the brim (and the tummy) with Irish culture by cooking a hearty Irish meal.

Indulge in Irish stories

Ireland is famous for its fairytales and myths, so make sure you read and watch as many as possible on St Patrick’s Day! There’s a whole world of leprechauns, giants, fairies and pixies to explore with your little ones - not to mention the story of St Patrick himself. When you’re all worded out, why not try two great animations based on Irish mythology, The Secret of Kells and the Song of the Sea.

St Patrick’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to learn about Irish culture and have some shamrocking fun with your little ones! Try out our five activities and you sure to have a cracking time. 

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