Frank The Fire Truck Teaches Fire Safety In School!

Last week was National #FirePreventionWeek, so our Frank the Fire Truck made it his mission to teach kids all about the importance of fire safety. He headed off to Fox Covert Primary School in Edinburgh with some of his other fire engine friends to spend the day with the Primary 1 class and help them learn what to do in a fire and how to protect themselves and others from harm.

They learned that fire isn’t the only thing that can burn you in the house and Frank helped them sort through pictures to decide what was safe to touch and what was dangerous. They also learned what to do if your clothes catch fire ….. STOP! DROP! ROLL! And had lots of fun singing the rap and practicing the roll with the rest of the class.

Then Frank took the kids on a fire safety ride around the school, helping the kids identify all the school fire exits and spy out the fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and hose pipes. Now they know what to do if a fire breaks out.

Frank taught the children that the word fire starts with a letter ‘F’ and helped them search for letters hidden in the sandpit. With all this learning, the kids were getting hungry, so Frank decided some snacks were in order. He helped the kids made fire engine biscuits with bright red icing and jelly wheels. They looked just like real fire engines!

After everyone finished munching on biscuits, Frank helped the children understand about the different ways a fire can start. They know that you should never leave a candle unattended, turn off plugs at the wall and NEVER play with matches. They had great fun pretending to be firefighters and zooming around on their fire engine Trunki cases! But most importantly, they learned how to assess risk and protect themselves and others from harm – thanks to Frank the Fire Truck!

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