Fun Facts From Around The World!

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With Little Passports, your family can explore the world from the comfort of your own home. You’ll learn loads of interesting facts with exciting monthly packages delivered right your door. This month, some of our Trunki friends have gone to visit their Little Passports pen pals, Sam and Sophia, in cool new countries around the world. If you can guess where they are by commenting on the posts on our Facebook page, you could win even more cool prizes!

Need a few more clues? OK then, here you go…

Where are Harley and Bernard Trunki?

If the baguettes and the beret didn’t give it away, the Eiffel tower in the background probably did. That’s right, our Trunki cases are holidaying with their pen pals in France! France is the perfect country to visit out if you want to see art, eat delicious food, and learn about hundreds of years of history. But you can do all of that without ever leaving Paris, and there’s a lot more to France than that! Want to go for a hike? Visit the French Alps. Want to visit a medieval castle? France has dozens! Everywhere you go in France there’s something beautiful and very old to see.

Check out some of these fun facts from Little Passports…

Where are Rosie and George Trunki?

Did you spot our little Tunki cases riding along the Great Wall? Yep, that’a right, they’re in China, one of the world’s largest and oldest civilizations. It is also home to some of the friendliest people on Earth: respect and honor are very important qualities in Chinese society. In China, you can find everything: big cities (Hong Kong; Shànghǎi), stunning wilderness (Yúnnán province), and historical manmade wonders (the Great Wall; the Terracotta Army).

Check out some of these fun Little Passport facts…

Head over to our Facebook page and comment on our posts to let us know which countries our Trunki cases are visiting and you could win a Trunki to take along on your next family trip!

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  • The winner can select the Trunki of their choice as a prize (subject to stock availability)
  • Competition closes on Sunday 8th November at 6pm (GMT)
  • Trunki terms & conditions apply


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