Get active with our Trunki Folding Bikes

Keeping your kids active during lockdown was always going to be tough. After all, there are only so many walks you can do before it starts to get boring. Mixing things up with a Trunki folding balance bike will rekindle that spark your little ones have for exploring the great outdoors. Here are a few reasons why we think our folding bikes will make those park visits even more enjoyable.

Carry, buggy, boot

When you’re a parent, keeping up with the kids isn’t easy. That’s why, when designing our folding bikes, we put versatility at the top of the list. Our entire range has a durable and lightweight aluminium frame and an innovative carry-tow strap, meaning you can easily pick up the bike and keep pace with the little ones. These folding bikes are also designed with twist bars, making packing up in the boot or buggy that bit easier.

Lockdown fun

You and the little ones have probably explored every nearby walk during the last 12 months. However, it’s still vital to get your kids out and about as much as possible. Trunki folding bikes give those necessary outdoor adventures a refreshing change, especially with schools closing all over the country. With the wind rushing through their hair and the world zipping by, these bikes offer a nice change of pace for the kids.

Safety first

Here at Trunki, safety is always at the top of our priorities and we’ve made sure that our folding bikes aren’t an exception. Our Trunki bikes have been designed with handy tow straps, allowing you to stay in control of your little one’s adventures. The grips and saddle have also been built with safety in mind, helping your child build up their confidence in comfort. That said, don’t forget the helmet!

A bright cycling future

Whether they’re building confidence, exploring the park or just looking for some extra excitement, learning how to ride a bike will be an essential new skill in their toolbox. With puncture-free tyres and a tow strap to help the process, our folding bikes have been designed to give your child a head start when learning how to cycle. Who knows - you could be training up the next Bradley Wiggins.

If you’re looking to revitalise those lockdown walks without having your hands full of toys, the Trunki folding balance bike is the perfect solution for your little one. Buy your kid’s favourite new toy from Halfords today.

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