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Wild Hendry was born in April 2012 and is London’s Youngest Blogger. He likes to read Paddington, The Gruffalo and Vanity Fair and his favourite toys are (in no order) Mr Rabbit, DoggDogg, Wild Thing and his Playskool car. He likes chasing his dog Doodle and his puppy Huckle ’round the park and hanging out with his Dad.

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My adventures with Pippin the Penguin SnooziHedz

If, like me, you have a family like mine and live in London but your Grandma and Granddad live in Scotland then your car journeys probably set off a bit like this: Daddy puts one small bag in the car, then Mummy puts three huge ones in, then the dogs bring their baskets and food and toys. Then Mummy asks Daddy if we will be going anywhere ‘dressed up’ and does she need nice shoes (Daddy says no, Mummy packs them ‘just in case’) then Mummy decides even though it is Summer the weather might turn and we should all pack our wellingtons and rain gear and jumpers. Then Daddy – who is a photographer – decides that he might take the opportunity to photograph some scenery in Scotland so brings out tripods and cameras and reflectors and stuff and sort of rams it into the gaps in between everything else in the car. Then the dogs (Doodle and Huck) get in and probably sneak a few extra toys between them – so by the time I get into my car-seat I am lucky if there is any space for me left at all!


Then we get on the road and the drive takes about a million and a half years – not including stopping to walk the dogs or listening to Daddy sing along to my nursery rhymes CD (or worse still, Bruce Springsteen!).

So I am super glad I have a Trunki Snoozihedz called Pippin. He is a jolly good friend to have because he is a penguin and also a pillow for my head and a blankie that stays tucked in by magic. Apparently some types of penguins can stay underwater for up to 22 minutes so enduring Daddy singing the whole way up the motorway is a breeze for them. Also, penguins have read all the books in the world, so I just lie back and Pippin tells me stories the whole way.

When we stop off Pippin’s blankie makes a good picnic rug for me and my other penguin who is called Mr Pecky. (By the way if you are reading this and work for Vanity Fair or something and are horrified by my tartan trousers, they were picked out by Mummy not me!)


I also take Pippin in my stroller cos I like to rest my head on him when I’m on the boring underground or in the boring supermarket. The blankie is snuggly and Mummy puts lavender spray on it so it’s more dreamy-comfy.

If you have to nap in a travel cot sometimes then Pippin is good too – especially if you have a silly Grandma thinks you want to sleep under something itchy she has knitted.

I have made it pretty clear to my Dad that the next Trunki thing I want is the Gruffalo. You gotta have cool wheels these days if you want to invite someone on a playdate or ask a girl you like back from nursery. If you know anything at all about Gruffalos you’ll know that nobody will stand in your way if you go places with a Gruffalo by your side – or laugh at your passport photo at customs.


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