Ha-haar! Activities to Keep Little Pirates Busy!

This month we launched our Pedro the Pirate Ship Trunki so we’ve all gone a bit pirate crazy..! Pedro is one slick ship and comes complete with stickers for little ones to decorate him with gold coins, palm trees, anchors, a flag and lots more.

But if you’re waiting for your Pedro to arrive and looking for some pirate-themed activities to keep you occupied, look no further. We’ve compiled some of our favourites…

Small world pirate treasure island

We love this simple idea from The Imagination Tree. Simply line a garden tray, Tuff Tray or similar with blue paper (for the sea) then use sand or dirt to create an island. If you’re feeling particularly creative you could even make a palm tree from some green card and a cardboard tube to stick in the middle. 

Any shells or stones you have lying around can be added to your island, as can any play figures - LEGO Duplo, PlayMobil etc - who can be your pirates. Bury some pirate gold coins (chocolate or play money could work well) and a spoon to be used as a spade then set your little one the task to find them all. You could also bury extra stuff like jewellery.

Swashbuckle on CBeebies

If your little one loves pirates, the chances are you’re familiar with the CBeebies programme Swashbuckle and are roped into doing the ‘Swashbuckle salute’ on a near daily basis.

Visit CBeebies online and you’ll find an interactive game you can play with your child on the computer. There’s also a video showing how to make a parrot pal using a cardboard tube, stickers, paints, feathers and pipe cleaners. For smartphones and tablets, there’s a Swashbuckle game available as part of the Playtime app downloadable from the iTunes, Google Play and Windows 8 app stores.

Pirate party food

Throwing a pirate themed play date or party? There’s no shortage of ideas for pirate food online - including lots you can make with your little one.

Of course, you can always make the obvious cupcakes with skull and crossbones or flag icing. But we really liked this pirate ship carved from a watermelon and filled with fruit as a healthy alternative.  You’ll need to do the carving but your little ones can help with filling it with fruit and perhaps they could even hide a few lucky dip surprises in there for their guests to find as they fill up on fruit.


Pirate treasure hunt

If there’s one thing the pirate theme lends itself particularly well to, it’s a treasure hunt. And kids love treasure hunts! You can make one that’s as simple or complicated as you have time for. Use simple clues written on paper to point them to the next part of the treasure hunt, or create a treasure map (of your garden for example) and mark spots for them to navigate to. You could even hide the final treasure in a chest for them to dig up for maximum excitement levels!

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