Horrifically Good Halloween with Trunki

It’s the most spooktacular time of year! Pumpkin carving, dressing up, going out after dark to do some trick or treating. Even if you’re staying in for a halloween party, there are some ghoulish ways to get creepy with Trunki this Halloween.


Design your own Halloween Trunki

Keep your little monsters busy this half term and design some new spooky decorations at the same time. Have some skele-fun with our free Trunki activity sheet.

Download the Design Your Own Halloween Trunki sheet here if you dare and then grab the crayons, pens and paints to make your own spooky Trunki.

Create a few terrifying Trunkis, cut them out and string them together to make some boo-tiful bunting to decorate around the house.

Want to bring your creation to life? No need to call on Frankenstein, instead check out our Made for Me service and see what ghoulishly good designs you can come up with.  


Costume storage

Going crazy over fancy dress? Got more masks than Batman? Turn your Trunki in to a fancy dress storage box. Let your little ones have a rummage and make their own scary creations ready for the big trick or treat night.

If you’re looking for some last minute costume inspiration then the classic white sheet with holes is a quick and easy ghost. An old pair of tights (or four) can be turned into a cat’s tail or spider legs.


Can you face the horror…

Of face paint and fake blood everywhere? Use the TeeBee to hold your face paint, brushes and fake blood while you make up your little monsters this Halloween.

Pop your face paint bricks onto the play tray - it can even store the water to rinse your sponge or brush. And you can put any fake blood or brushes inside. Plus, a few handy wet wipes for when all the fun is done and you need to get them to bed.

Keep ‘em close with ToddlerPak

Head out with Fearsome Felix, Dead of the Night Dudley or Boil and Trouble Bert for a fang-tastic Halloween night. You’ll be able to keep your little monsters close while they have a frightfully good time trick or treating.

Our ToddlePak backpacks also make fiendishly good swag bags. And did we mention they are high-vis? Or should we say ectoplasm…

Trick or Treat?

Now all you need are some sneaky tricks up your sleeve ready for anyone who asks. Big sweet shops will usually have some “joke” sweets with interesting flavours that you can offer out.

You can always make some prank creepy cupcakes, some that have a jam filling and others that have pickle or marmite.

Or fill a halloween bucket with some cobwebs and fake creepy crawlies - ask the trickster to guess what’s in the bucket. And if you fancy being especially gruesome, put some jelly in there.

Spooktacular Halloween

Whether you’re heading out to horrify your neighbours (or the ones who’ve put out pumpkins) or staying in for a party with friends, we hope you have a spooktacular Halloween full of sweets and surprises.

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