Help Trunki Fight the Fakes! #ProtectYourDesign

If you’ve been following our newsfeed recently, you’ll know that we’ve been fighting a high profile legal battle against design infringement.

Back in 2013, we won our case against PMS when the High Court ruled that the ‘Kiddee Case’ breached our design rights. Unfortunately, the decision was overturned and we’ve been forced to take the appeal to the Supreme Court. The case between Trunki’s parent company, Magmatic, and PMS International (based in Essex) will now take place on Tuesday, the 3rd of November 2015.

This battle has been hugely draining for us, both financially and emotionally. But It’s no longer just a fight to protect Trunki. Under this ruling the rights of more than 350,000 creative British businesses would be undermined and designers left vulnerable to flagrant design infringement.

We’ve gained the support of the country’s leading business figures and trade bodies to launch a #ProtectYourDesign campaign, calling for the Supreme Court to re-examine the case and grant designers more robust protection.

We’re determined to keep fighting the scourge of rip-offs on behalf of responsible companies nationwide. Our supporters already include the likes of Sir Terence Conran, Kevin McCloud, Will Butler-Adams, Adam Balon and ACID’s Dids Macdonald. Now we’re asking our Trunki fans to join the campaign.

Help us raise awareness of the vulnerability of small businesses to design infringement and support our battle to protect our Trunki design. We’re asking people to share this story using the #ProtectYourDesign hashtag across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other channels you can get their hands on!

We’re hoping the top judges in the land will see sense at the Supreme Court hearing and that by carefully examining the facts, the judges will conclude that the previous reversal was wrong and would be disastrous for hundreds of thousands of small, creative British businesses.


Thanks for your support. ;-)

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