Holiday Ahead: Our guide to planning a family holiday for the future

For travel-bugs, pressing pause on the family holiday was never going to be easy. Families are understandably starting to get itchy feet, but it might be a while before the world is fully reopened. Planning your holiday in detail can be a great way to get you and your family dreaming again. Here’s a few top tips to help you plan your holiday with the kids properly.

Write a bucket list with your children

Has there been a better time to start writing a bucket list? While we’re all dreaming of flying to sunnier shores, take the opportunity to sit down with your family and write down some of the activities you’ve always talked about doing. Sparking that excitement in yourself and your family adds another level of enjoyment to planning.

Save up for that dream holiday

After months of being confined to the house, it’s safe to say that everybody’s bank accounts are looking a bit more healthy. If you can afford it, treating your family to a unique holiday is the perfect reward for a tough year. Whether it’s laying on Copacabana beach or walking with the kids through the mountains of New Zealand, now is the time to plan that holiday you’ve always dreamed of.

Get into the details

With more time to plan comes more time for details. Getting stuck into the smaller elements of your holiday can make the planning process with your family even more fun. Look through Google Maps with your kids and follow the streets you’ll be wandering around to stir up that sense of wanderlust.

Choose somewhere you’ve never been to before

We won’t blame you for going to those familiar destinations every year, but sometimes you need to shake things up. Visiting new countries and cultures is a massive benefit for your children. You’d be surprised how easy, simple and enjoyable it is to build up that feeling of exploration when looking for new places to visit.

Don’t forget the adult stuff

While the kids can endlessly dream about sunny beaches, making sure the admin parts of planning a holiday are all up to scratch has never been more important. Check your passports are all in date, keep an eye on those airlines and do your research on travel insurance to make sure everything goes smoothly. Getting these boring bits out of the way also gives you more time to enjoy the fun planning parts with your children.

Planning the next family holiday with your little ones can be a great way to build some excitement for travelling. While your travels might seem a long time away yet, igniting some optimism can make planning helpful in more ways than one.

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