How to make best use of your Trunki at home

With lockdowns and restrictions on travel, the last twelve months haven’t exactly been kind to globetrotters. If your Trunki is starting to gather a bit of dust, it’s time you and the kids wiped it down and made the most of your magical suitcase. Here are some of our favourite ways to use your Trunki at home.

Trunki polo

Who needs horses when you have a Trunki? If you and the tots want a fun game to play at home, Trunki polo is great use of your suitcases. Trunkis are perfect for riding and can be heaps of fun. All you need is some mallets, goals, a ball and a few Trunkis and you’ve got the perfect lockdown game for the garden. Suffice to say that the best Trunkis for this particular game are our animal designs!

Picnic table

Whether you’re on a walk in the woods or your little ones want a sit-down with their toys, a Trunki is the perfect picnic table. Pack all your food in tight containers, place them in your Trunki and get down to the park. When you’re ready for some snacks, open up your Trunki and use it as your very own 2-in-1 table. If the kids would prefer to spend tea with their toys, a Trunki can be the perfect mini table for indoors too. Just make sure everyone has enough to eat!

Arts & crafts box

If your tot’s arts and crafts are scattered around the bedroom floor, it’s time to make use of that Trunki. With secure straps and plenty of space, a Trunki is the perfect storage unit for all those bits and bobs. If you want to go the extra mile, you could also set up an arts and crafts table with a half opened Trunki. Lean a mini canvas up against the upright side and put the paints in the bottom to have a painting setup that Picasso would be proud of.

Ambient lighting

Need some mood lighting for those comfy reading nights? The ever-versatile Trunki can be used as comforting ambient lighting in your kid’s bedroom when you’re settling down for storytime. Whether you’ve got a red, blue or pink Trunki, the colourful design will glow brightly with a bulb lit inside. Those storytime nights will be made even more compelling with some cute Trunki lighting.

In terms of transforming a Trunki for a new use - the possibilities are endless. Get creative with your tots and see how many ways you can find to make use of your Trunki!

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