How to make reading fun with your kids

Reading is one of the most important stages of any tot’s education. While some kids might take to reading like a duck to water, others find books plain boring. Shaking things up to make those reading sessions a fun hour of the evening can transform your child’s reading standard tenfold. Here are a few ways to help you make reading time more fun.  

Choose the right book

First things first, if your tot is reading the wrong books, you’ll struggle to generate any enthusiasm. Big Spiderman fans? Start swinging towards superhero adventures. Keen on their animals? One of the classics, like Winnie the Pooh, could be right up their street. Experimenting with different genres of books will help your tot develop their taste while making reading all the more fun in the long-run.

Build a reading fort

If you and the little one are bored of sitting in the same reading position night after night, why not bring the books to life? Building a reading den or fort is heaps of fun, especially when decorated with pretty fairy lights and comfy cushions. Having a dedicated reading space away from the outside world will make reading all the more interesting, exciting and, most importantly, fun for your little one.

Create a reading calendar

It’s all too easy for adults to lose track of time, so keeping things up to date for your little one is extra important. A colourful reading calendar will ensure that your tot is making their way through books and improving their reading skills. Doesn’t sound like fun? When in doubt, bring out the sweets. Pack the calendar with goodies and your tot will be even more motivated to hit their reading goals. 

Take a trip to the library

We all know that libraries are struggling enough as it is. As the shelves are packed with a huge range of exciting books for all ages, there’s no reason parents shouldn’t be taking their tots on a trip to the library every few weeks. The process of heading to the library and picking out a book adds another dimension to the reading experience, giving your little one the freedom to take their reading into their own hands.

Reading doesn’t have to be boring. With a little tweaking, it’s not difficult to make the reading experience the most fun part of the evening. After all, helping your child cultivate a passion for reading from an early age will be something that helps them throughout their life.

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