Last Minute Mother's Day Crafts with TeeBee

Looking for some last minute Mother's Day crafts for your little one to present to their mum on Sunday? Grab your TeeBee because we've got you covered. 


Last minute Mother's Day Crafts

TeeBee Crafts

Each of these crafts will only take a few minutes to make and are great for keeping little hands busy. 


Cupcake Case Flower

Cupcake flower and finger print flowers

Head to the back of your cupboards and dig out those cupcake cases because these make great flowers. 

You will need: 

- 2 cupcake cases of different sizes

- A straw or pipe cleaner

- Card

- Glue

- Pens, crayons and glitter to decorate

Get your little one to decorate the cupcake cases. You can store all the glitter, pens and crayons in your TeeBee to keep the mess contained. The more creative the better. 

Next, glue the smaller case inside the larger one to make a flower. 

Cut small leaf shapes from the card and glue these to your pipe cleaner or straw. Then glue your straw to the back of the large cupcake case. 

If you want a hand-made bouquet, do several flowers and tie together with a ribbon. 

Mother's Day flowers sorted. 


Finger Print Flowers

These quick and simple flowers make great prints or cards for Mother's Day. We used water paints for a quick clean but you can also use the play tray in your TeeBee to squirt a bit of poster paint. 

Paint your little one's finger and carefully press onto the paper. Yellow looks great in the centre of the flower. Then pick a bright colour for the petals. Repeat over the card for a heart-felt Mother's Day picture. 


Mother's Day Sun Catcher

These simple sun catchers can be hung from the window and will brighten up even an over cast Mother's Day. 

You will need: 

- card

- tissue or sweet wrappers

- cup cake case

- Pens

- String

- Clear plastic bag

Cut a flower shape out of the card and cut around the inside so you only have the border left. Little hands will need help with this. 

Next, stick the card to the plastic bag or sheet. Add your tissue or sweet wrappers to create a colourful, see-through sun catcher. 

Add your design to the cupcake case and glue to the top of the flower. 

Then you'll need to make a hole in the top and add some string if you want to hang it from a window. 

TeeBee top tip: pop all your colours and glitter into the TeeBee while you create your design to keep your craft area nice and tidy. 


Air Dry Clay Flowers

Finally, air dry clay makes lovely flowers for mums on Mother's Day. You can store your tubs of clay in your Tee Bee when you've finished creating. 

We've mixed together two colours with some glitter to make a daisy shape. If you have time, create enough to stick around a frame and then add your favourite photo of your little one with their mum to make a Mother's Day present with love. 


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