Make A Splash: Four Swimming Pool Games Your Little Swimmers Will Love!

Making a splash down the pool are some of the best times for your little one! Now it’s time to make it even more fun, by throwing some swimming games into the water! We’ve got a mix of different games which are super enjoyable, great for improving their swimming skills and some that are even educational! So, get ready to make a splash with the little ones, with our four pool games!

Water Bottle Hunt

Number of players: 1+

For the more advanced swimmers in your family, water bottle hunt is a fun underwater game! Start by getting two or more see-through water bottles filled with water. Then chuck the water bottles in different locations of the pool. Your little swimmer has a set amount of time to find the water bottles and put them on the side to win! This is much harder than it sounds, as the water bottles tend to disguise themselves in the pool! It’s a great game for learning to control your breath! 

Octopus Attack

Number of players: 4+

Your little ones start off at one end of the pool, and Mum or Dad (the octopus) swims in the middle. Your little swimmers have to try and get past the octopus without getting touched by their big slippery tentacles! If they do get touched, they have to join you, become a part of octopus and catch the rest of the players! Your little ones will love this game – it’s fun, exciting and will teach them to swim as fast as they possibly can! 

Killer Whale

Number of players: 2+

This is a fantastic one when your kids are swimming beginners. Get all the players in the shallow end and ask them to close their eyes. They are the killer whale ready to hunt the other players down! They have to call out ‘shark’ and the other plays respond with ‘whale’, and the ‘killer whale’ must use their ears to hunt you in the water! This game is great fun and gives your little one confidence in the water because their eyes have to be closed to play!

Ball Battle

Number players: 4+

A great one for teams and great practice for your little fish to strengthen their swimming! Get two sets of different coloured table tennis balls (you can get them online really cheap) and then get your little swimmers ready for a ball battle! Organise the little ones into two teams, and assign them a colour. Then chuck the table tennis balls into the water and let them go! They have to collect all of their colour and put them on the poolside before the other team! Your little ones will have a blast trying to collect them all to win the game! 

Making a splash down the pool with the little ones is fun enough, but when you add some swimming pool games, the fun never stops! Teaching your little ones to swim with some pool games is a great way to bond with your little fishies, plus they’re great opportunities for them to practice their swimming skills and get confident in the water! We’re sure your little ones will love the games on our list, so why not dip your toes in and try them out!

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