Movie Magic: How To Make Movie Night Extra Special

Amongst all the exciting family adventures you might have planned, nobody can deny the comfort of a cosy movie night in with the kids. Whether it’s Shrek 2 or a Disney classic, spending a night together on the sofa is one of life’s little pleasures. With that said, everything can do with a little improvement. Here’s a few ways to make movie night that extra bit special.

Sing your heart out

Don’t deny it - we’ve all sung our hearts out to a musical at some point in our lives. Grab the remote with your little ones, put the subtitles on and get singing! This can be a really fun way to make the movie experience more interactive and will also give you some hilarious memories. We’d definitely recommend Frozen as the go-to sing-along film!

Popcorn party

If you don’t have a huge amount of popcorn surrounding you on the sofa, is it really even a movie night? There’s never a better time to try out as many flavours as you can than when you’re spending a night in with the family. Get creative with your popcorn by using some delicious cinnamon, chocolate or salted caramel. Making it with the kids beforehand also adds another fun activity to the day.

Home cinema

We’ve all been missing the cinema experience in 2020, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try and replicate it. Decorate the room with dark red drapes, put up some ‘Now Showing’ signs and set up a ticket stall outside your front room. Making up some tickets for the movie also makes the night feel like much more of an event - just make sure you don’t forget yours! If movie nights are a regular thing in your family, it might be worth investing in a projector too. 

Fancy dress

Dressing up as your favourite characters definitely adds another layer of fun to a movie night. Whether it’s Pumba from Lion King or a wizard from Harry Potter, rent out some eccentric fancy dress outfits and your kids will feel even closer to their favourite magical worlds. Why not join in with the fun too? Seeing Mum and Dad dressed up as well only adds to the enjoyment.

After a long year of being held in our homes, changing things up for a movie night is something you have to try. So - get the cushions, pillows and duvets out and enjoy some fun quality time with the kids!

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