Off The Beaten Path: Five Beautiful British Autumn Getaways

The UK isn’t known for its glorious summer sunshine, but forward the clock a few months and you’ll get to autumn, which is when the UK boasts its best bits! Going for an autumn getaway with the family avoids the holiday crowds, and allows you to spend some peaceful, quality time with the kids! There’s plenty of great spots for autumnal holidays, but here are a few of our favourites!

Isles of Scilly, Cornwall

If you’re looking for somewhere to avoid the autumn chill, then this place won’t leave you shivering! Just off the tip of Cornwall’s Lizard peninsula, the Isles of Scilly lie in the Gulf Stream, which keeps things a little bit warmer than most of the country (hooray!) However, this place has got plenty more to offer than the chance of wrapping the little ones in a couple fewer layers! This group of islands is home to a wonder of wildlife migration! There are rare birds visit the island around this time of year, as well as dolphins, seals and sharks swimming just off the coast! So, if your family are fans of fair weather and feats of wildlife, this is the first place to check out for an autumn getaway!

Richmond, London

When you think of a relaxing family getaway, West London isn’t the first place that springs to mind! However, Richmond is a perfect little hub that has plenty to entertain the little ones!  This leafy area of the city is home to Richmond Park, which is a great place to wade through the red autumn leaves and spot its resident deer herd. If your kids want something a bit more modern, get on a train to London and experience all the thrills that the capital has to offer! Alternatively, you can pretend like summer is still with us (which I’m sure you might be tempted to!) and take a trip to Kew Gardens to be amongst the warm air and tropical plants of its huge conservatory. So, if you weren’t sure about a Richmond holiday before, you should be now!

Country Antrim, Northern Ireland

Antrim provides the perfect dramatic landscape to match the tempestuous autumn weather. Home to fantastic coastline and the famous Giant’s Causeway, this town is a lot more special to experience without the summer crowds! However, to understand why Co. Antrim is such an autumn gem, you’ll need to leave the coastline behind you – literally! Take your little explorers on a boat trip to discover some fantastic wildlife! You’ll spot the local seal colony, plenty of visiting birds, and if you’re lucky, whales, dolphins, orcas and humpbacks. This place is truly a wonderland for wildlife in the autumn months, so if your family wants to get wild with wildlife, Co. Antrim is the destination for you!

Bath, Somerset

Nestled amongst seven hills in the heart of the Avon Valley, Bath is the perfect place for an autumn getaway. During this time, there are two of Bath’s biggest annual events: one, (‘The Great Bath Feast’) will be a great one for Mum and Dad to enjoy some foodie treats, and the other, (‘The Children’s Literature Festival’) has some of the biggest names in kid’s fiction for your spark your little ones’ imaginations! Aside from these two events, Bath has many other things to keep you occupied: the quaint cobbled streets are dotted with independent shops, snug pubs and historical spots that will take all day to enjoy! Alternatively, stretch your legs for a mile or so outside the city and get the whole family to the top of the surrounding hills to take in the view of the city lights below and the starlight above! Bath has the best of everything and should be a destination any time of year, but autumn in this Somerset city is simply spectacular!

Powys, Wales

For an autumn family holiday with a bit of an active outdoor vibe, try the county of Powys in Wales! During this time of the year, the moorlands here are some of the most picturesque spots in the UK, as the multi-coloured flowers come into bloom! This provides the perfect backdrop for cycling, one of the area’s favourite pastimes! Take the little ones out for a bike ride across the hills or (if that gets too tiring!) for a hike across the moors! Most of this area (especially in the Elan Valley Trail) is free from busy roads and cars, which makes for a peaceful and natural setting (if the kids allow it!). This area is also great for spotting birds of prey, and there are even some centres which are focused around the conservation of them! Powys in Wales gives you a great outdoor holiday, that’s perfect for breaking a sweat and keeping the autumn chill at bay!

Hopefully, we’ve proven to you that autumn is a great time for a family getaway! The UK has so much to offer at this time of year and being able to enjoy it all with the little ones makes it even better! Autumn is an especially great time to experience some of our best wildlife, so even if you and the little ones are more city slickers than country bumpkins, there’ll be a holiday in this list for you! 

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