Off The Beaten Path: Four Nature-Based Holidays In Britain That The Whole Family Will Be Wild For!

A nature-based holiday with the little ones is a great way for you to let loose in the great outdoors! There’s no better way to reconnect as a family than to learn about wildlife together – Mother (Nature) knows best! What better place to explore nature than your own back garden, not literally though, of course! We’ve put together some nature-based family holidays in Britain that we’re sure the whole family will go wild for!

New Forest National Park, Hampshire

When you think of the New Forest, you probably think of outstretched heathland, ancient fairy-like woodlands and wildlife roaming around as they please - well, you’d be right! Go for a walk around this area with the little tots and it won’t take long before you’re face to face with nature! You’ll see cattle, donkeys, deer, pigs, wild boars, snakes, plenty of birds and the New Forest pony (which is only found there)! This haven on the south coast of England is also remarkably close to sea and has plenty of coastal activities to enjoy: talk about two-for-one! The coastline has a number of water sports for the kids to make a splash, or for something more relaxing (looking at you Mum and Dad) there are coastal walks with sensational sunset views. This place is the perfect setting for a wild time with the kids!

Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall

White sand beaches? Check! Dramatic coastline? Check! Plenty of wildlife? Check! This corner of West Cornwall is a natural paradise. Take the little ones across the cliffs but keep your eyes on the lookout for grey seals bathing in the sun below! Go birdwatching and enjoy the array of birds here: including terns, gannets, razorbills and puffins (yes, like the book, you can look the rest up)! This area is also known for its wildflowers which cover its heathland, which if you ask us, is definitely worth a walk! If you the little ones need more nature then don’t worry, because there’s more! Go down to the coves and beaches which dot this coastline and enjoy the white sands, shallow rock pools with crabs and jellyfish, and turquoise waters to splash around in!

Cairngorms National Park, Cairngorms

The classic children’s adventure book ‘Treasure Island’ is set here and that’s what this area has in store for your little ones – an adventure! This place is a natural wonderland of roughed landscapes and rare wildlife! You’ll get a chance to spot some of the best wildlife that the UK has to offer, including golden eagles, osprey, red deer, mountain hares and the only reindeer herd in the whole of the British Isles (Christmas holiday, anyone?) Once your little ones have got their fill of wildlife, there’s mountain biking across the Glens, sea kayaking to isolated islands or canoeing along the canal for them to get stuck into. Cairngorms National Park is amongst the wildest places in the UK and your family will have nature-filled fun coming out of years by the end of the holiday!

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Pembrokeshire

If you’re a seafaring family, then this area of West Wales should be at the top of your list! It is the only national park in the UK to be awarded a National Park status because of its spectacular coastline! You can pretend to be pirates burying treasure by visiting some of the area’s famous sea caves, or get a family worthy photo visiting the unusual arches and chasms! This stretch is also great for spotting some documentary worthy sea creatures like dolphins, porpoise seals and sharks (yes, sharks!) There are also some of the most stunning beaches in Britain, so feel free to make sandcastles with the little ones. Or if you’re feeling really brave, you can take the little tots windsurfing!

The British Isles have some spectacular nature-based holidays for all the family to get stuck into! Taking in the wildlife that’s right on your doorstep and enjoying natural wonders will feel like a true blessing with your little ones alongside you! Family holidays are all about bonding and having fun, and these wildlife holidays will be provide a setting to make that happen – naturally!

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