One Lonely Trunki On A Mission To Find Its Master!

It’s always fun to hear about what happens to our Trunki characters after they leave our warehouse and settle into their new homes. So when fashion and beauty blogger, Alice Loh, emailed us to tell us about the journey she took her nephew’s lost little Tipu on, we thought it would be fun to share it!

The story begins after my 3-year old nephew’s Tipu Trunki was left behind when he visited me in Malaysia. I went on a mission to reunite lonely little Tipu with his master. Here’s the story of our journey…

Hi I’m Trunky, your kid’s best travel companion! (Okay, Trunki is not just luggage.) I like traveling and have made trips to many countries with my master! (Trunki ‘likes’ travel) Aww, I miss my master… sob sob… (Trunki has personality!) I like your country but I think it’s time I get set, and go!(Trunki has dreams. Trunki had a long stay in Malaysia and is finally heading home. ) Here I come master!

Trunki traveling alone in KLIA. How I wish I have travel partners…

Ah, warm greetings from the Malaysia Airlines crews. You make my day… That’s what they call the Malaysian Hospitality!

Heading to the gate for security check. Trunki is cabin friendly. Aw, you know that!

Take a Maybank tiger selfie. *Cheese* #m2uappselfie #humanisingbanking

A meal on Malaysia Airlines flight, Yumz! Served Tuna sandwich set and apple juice. Note: Trunki is not drinking wine.

Trunki landed Soekarno-Hatta International Airport! (Feeling dizzy…)

Catching up with fellow checked-in luggage. Hello there!

Take a selfie while waiting for my driver.

Long time no see! Driver remembers Trunki! Finally I’m not alone and we’re heading home!

Jakarta street traffic jam…  Are we nearly there yet?

Finally home! Wow, that’s a warm greeting.

 Trunki is finally back to master. Missing you! *GRIN*

Home sweet home! It’s a safe trip and thanks to Malaysia Airlines bringing Trunki home! Trunki is lonely no more!

Next, Trunki wishes to make trips to the moon. (Good luck!)

Trunki is not just a kid’s suitcase. STYLE WATCH: Who carries Trunki better?

Check out Alice’s blog, By Alice Loh, for the latest fashion and beauty news and tips and follow her on Facebook and Instagram for more stylish fashion finds!

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