Out & About With PaddlePak Swimming Bags

While things still aren't quite back to normal, we’ve been taking advantage of the sunny weather to get out and exploring as a family. Now that swimming pools are open and beach trips are back on the cards, our PaddlePak Kids Swimming Bags have been coming along for the ride on family adventures and we wanted to share what they’ve been up to with you!

PaddlePak Swimming Bags

A lovely trip to the beach with their water-resistant PaddlePak Swimming Bags. These kid's backpacks are designed to stop wet stuff getting in, or leaking out.

PaddlePak Water Resistant Backpacks For Kids

Digging in the sand with his Finn the Shark PaddlePak, our large water resistant backpack for children! 

PaddlePak Swimming Bags For Children

Having some fun in the garden with her Inky the Octopus PaddlePak. Our PaddlePak swimming bags have adjustable straps so ensure they fit any little back comfortably. 

PaddlePak Water Proof Swimming Bags

Heading out on family walk with Inky the Octopus, someone seems excited to get going! 

PaddlePak Swimming Bags For Kids

An adventure in the forrest with his Pinch the Lobster PaddlePak swimming bag. These swimming bags also feature the Trunki Grip, perfect for keeping possessions safe and easy to access. Find out more about the PaddlePak product features by clicking here.

PaddlePak Water Resistant Backpacks

A walk through the wilderness with Chuckles the Clownfish. Inspired by creatures of the big, blue sea, your child can choose their favourite aquatic animals from the PaddlePak range, such as our bright orange Chuckles the Clownfish, purple Inky the Octopus and bold Finn the Shark!

PaddlePak Swimming Bags

Off to the swimming pool with Pinch the Lobster. Our water-resistant children's backpacks are perfect for keeping those valuables safe while your child splashes in the water. 

Have a splashing summer with PaddlePak!

  • Water resistant backpacks for the pool and beach
  • Choose from a range of aquatic animal designs; from clownfish to octopus
  • Designed to keep rain out, and sea-water soaked swimmers in
  • Adjustable straps, Trunki GRIP and an extra pocket in the tail
  • Trunki Dive Sticks also available for budding swimmers


If you have any images you want to share with us, just send us a message on any of our social platforms or tag us on Instagram using #Trunki.

If you’d like to buy a Paddlepak Swimming Bag for your child’s aquatic adventures click here!

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