Out & About with ToddlePak Child Reins

Now that summer is finally here we're so excited to be able to get out for adventures in the sunny weather!

What better way for your kids to explore the world than with their own adventurous walking buddy - one of our ToddlePak child reins. The perfect walking companion for a child who's finding their feet.

Well, our ToddlePaks have been doing just that - exploring the great outdoors! Here's a collection of lovely out & about images of our ToddlePak Toddler Reins... 

ToddlePak Child Reins

Having some fun with Dudley the ToddlePak at the slides in the park - both a toddler safety harness and a friend to play with!

ToddlePak Child Reins From Trunki

He's spotted something! Out on a walk through the park with Felix the ToddlePak

ToddlePak Walking Reins

Two very eager faces awaiting their next adventure with their Una the Unicorn and Dudley ToddlePak child reins. 

ToddlePak Child Reins

Finding his feet on a walk through the forrest with his Leeroy the Lion ToddlePak! Baby reins like ToddlePak are one of the best ways to safely help your little one explore the great outdoors. 

ToddlePak Child Reins From Trunki

Finding his feet with his Leeroy the Lion ToddlePak leading reins! 

ToddlePak Child Reins

Someone's a fan of the swings! Her Una the Unicorn ToddlePak seems to be having a great time as well. 

ToddlePak Walking Reins

Two very happy faces on a little adventure through the woods with their Dudley and Bert ToddlePak child reins

ToddlePak Child Reins

A very happy face on a family walk with her Una the Unicorn ToddlePak child reins

ToddlePak Walking Child Reins

A nice day out picking the berries with his ToddlePak

ToddlePak Child Reins

Someone's a fan of dinosaurs in this last picture, with his dino toy & Dudley ToddlePak

Get out & about with ToddlePak yourself!

Our ToddlePak child reins are comfortable, fuss-free harnesses that fit from the front and fasten at the back, making it quick to put on - perfect for a busy park or walking spot! 

Their unique safety buckle makes it quick and easy to release ToddlePak when away from busy roads, but secure when you want to keep them close by your side. Have a look at all the ToddlePak features here!

Our ToddlePak range offers a whole host of different colours and designs, spanning from our classic collection to our woodland animal collection. They're also multi-award winning products, with hundreds of 5 star reviews!


So there you have it, a lovely collection of out and about images of our ToddlePak Child Reins! If you have any images you want to share with us, just send us a message on any of our social platforms or tag us on Instagram using #Trunki. 

Have a great summer everyone! 

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