Out & About With Yondi Neck Rests

Travelling with kids isn't easy, it's often the most difficult part of the journey. You can do your absolute best to keep them entertained, but we all know nothing lasts forever, particularly for excited little travellers on a long or uncomfortable trip. 

That's why the dream for most parents is a sleeping child throughout the journey. Everything is just easier if the kids are asleep and you can crack on with travelling without interruptions (or fewer interruptions shall we say)!

That's where our Yondi neck rests come in. These kid's travel pillows were made for comfortable snoozes on a long journey. Don't just take our word for it, take a look at these lovely images of our Yondi neck rests out & about...


Yondi Neck Rests

Catching some sleep on the long car journey with his Mylo Yondi. We have a choice of 8 different Yondi designs, so you can find one just right for your little traveller.


Yondi Travel Pillow

An excited face ready for the journey... He's not asleep yet, but he'll certainly be comfortable as you set off! Our Yondi travel pillows also come with our unique Trunki grip, for keeping a blanket or teddy close to hand. 


Yondi Neck Rests

The perfect travel situation! Both kids having comfortable snoozes on the journey with their Felix and Leeroy Yondi travel cushions


Yondi Neck Rests From Trunki

Our Yondi travel pillows aren't just for car journeys, it's for comfortable snoozes whatever the method of travel - like this little guy on the back of dad's bike! 


Yondi Travel Pillows For Kids

Another excited face ready for the journey with her Trixie Yondi neck rest!


Yondi Sleeping Cushions For Kids

Sometimes Yondi comes in handy when you aren't travelling as well, it can be really useful while you wait, like this little one here - the excitement just got to much! 



Comfortable Snoozes with Yondi

  • Microbead Filling - For a soft and supportive fit
  • Hidden Magnets - Holds the Yondi neck rest together, supporting the chin
  • Trunki Grip - To keep a blanket or teddy bear close by
  • Cosy Plush Fabric - For extra comfy snoozes! 


If you have any images you want to share with us, just send us a message on any of our social platforms or tag us on Instagram using #Trunki.

Click here to buy a Yondi travel pillow and make sure your child has comfortable snoozes on any journey! 

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