Pack That? Some Unusual Things You Should Definitely Pack For Your Holidays!

Family holidays are one of the highlights of the year: It’s a time to have fun and bond with your little ones! However, when it comes to holiday practicalities (like packing), it’s all down to the hard work of Mum and Dad! So, to help you out, here are some unusual things we think you should be on your packing list!

Dryer sheets

We know the last thing you want to be thinking about on holiday is your tumble dryer back home! Well, forget about the washing and drying all together by packing a few dryer sheets! Putting a few dryer sheets in your suitcase and bag is a great way to keep clothes fresh, and they’re great for that pair of sweaty shoes too!

Plastic bags

Before you sit on top of the suitcase to get the zip shut, squeeze a few plastic bags in there!  A few sturdy plastic bags (think, bags for life) in your suitcase will be your new versatile best friend! They can be used to put dirty laundry in, to wrap around a pair of dirty shoes or to carry things you’ll need for your little one when you’re on a day trip – shopping, or otherwise!

Reusable water bottle

This one seems obvious, but so many of us forget to pack a reusable bottle! That doesn’t mean a plastic bottle which gets ruined after a day or two in the sun, we mean the proper reusable kind that will be reliable throughout the holiday! Unless you’re really looking forward to buying a new bottle of water every other day, you’re really going to need one! We might be biased, but we think your little one will love our range of funky Trunki drinks bottles

A ‘sewing kit’

How many times have you or your little ones ripped a favourite t-shirt or pair of jeans on the first few days of holiday? We know we have! So, pack a mock ‘sewing kit’ by putting together a safety pin, some thread and a needle! The thread and needle can be used to fix your ripped clothes, and the safety pin is a great substitute for when the thread and needle aren’t suitable!

Bio-laundry detergent

We know, we said not to think about washing on holiday! But little ones can be messy and sometimes you simply have no choice! Packing a small pouch of detergent is your best option: just fill the bath or sink with hot water, dash in some detergent, then leave it to soak! Simply come back, hang on the shower or balcony rail, and hey presto – clean clothes for that fresh holiday feel!

Holidays with your little ones are absolute bliss but they can also be tricky! It’s always best to prepare for the unexpected moments as best as you can! The best way to do that is to think out of the box, and hope for the best: we hope our tips will help you to do just that!

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